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Top Questions
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You can book up to 9 passengers at a time. However, if you have a larger group, please contact us for further assistance.
Infant can be booked on our website, only if accompanied by an adult.
Results are ranked from cheapest to most expensive.
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Each airline sets its own restrictions on weight, dimensions, as well as types of baggage and carry-on baggage. They depend on the fare, class of service and direction of flight. The cost of tickets for regular flights, as a rule, includes luggage, as well as hand luggage. In low-cost airlines, luggage is often paid extra. You can view the free baggage allowance for the selected ticket on the order page before purchase and in your personal account after booking.
If your checked-in baggage is damaged, please contact the airline's claims department. If your baggage is lost, please contact the Lost and Found counter at the airport of arrival. They will help you write an application for this search and tell you how to follow searches on airline websites.
If you intend to take your pets, some musical instruments, etc. with you, you must contact our support center. Your requirement is communicated to the airline. The airline has right to not to take your special baggage on the flight or may charge extra.
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Online check-in service is available on the website or in the mobile application of many airlines. As a rule, it is available already 24 hours before departure. For online check-in, you will need to enter the ticket number/booking code and the passenger's last name. After successful check-in, you will receive a boarding pass by email. Print it out and take it with you to the airport.
Do you have to check-in online? No, but it can make your life easier. Here’s how: • Choosing your seat • Saving time by skipping check-in kiosks • Saving money on additional luggage • Upgrading your travel experience • Check-in from anywhere
Online check-in may be convenient for both travelers and airlines, but it isn't available for every traveler on every itinerary. Here are a few of these situations: • It’s too early to check-in. Online check-in for most airlines opens 48 or 24 hours before departure. • It’s too late. You have missed it. But don’t you worry, you may still be able to check-in at the airport. Check-in deadlines range from 180 minutes to 30 minutes prior to departure. • You have requested special assistance for a child traveling alone or in a wheelchair • It's a codeshare flight, and the first flight of your itinerary is operated by a partner airline. • You are travelling from a destination where online check-in is not available. • If it is a charter flight. • You are traveling in a large group If you're trying to check-in online but can't, it's probably because one of these reasons. Then you have to arrive at the airport earlier and go to the check-in kiosk before your flight.
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Every ticket has its own conditions when it comes to cancelling a flight. You can cancel the ticket you have purchased within the framework of the rules determined by the airline. For this, you must send your request via mail, chat and other communication channels. Your requests will be answered as soon as possible and you will be notified of the penalty and refund, if any, related to the cancellation process. If you approve the transaction, your cancellation will be carried out.
If you cancel your trip, your refund will be made to your account within 1-7 business days depending on your bank's pay-back procedure.
If you change your mind about flying or miss your flight, the airline will put your tickets on the no-show list. In the case of no-show flights, the airline's regulations apply. Let us know as soon as possible - this can help reduce the amount of deductions.
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Every ticket has its own conditions when it comes to changing a flight date or route. By writing the details about the change, you can contact the Tezfly support center via e-mail, chat, etc. Your requests will be answered as soon as possible and you will be notified if there are any additional fees related to the change process. If the change fee is confirmed, an email will be sent to inform you of the result. Click the payment link in the email within validity, or the link may be invalid. If the link fails, please resubmit a change request and in this case, the change fee may be updated.
Sometimes airlines have to change their schedules. Schedule changes can be announced from the time of booking up until the day you travel. If your flight has a schedule change, the airline or Tezfly support center will let you know the new details of your flight times. If these need changing, please contact our support center and they can advise you of your options.
Generally, only minor name changes or corrections are allowed, because of a spelling mistake but won't allow you to transfer your flight to somebody else. These changes may be limited to one or two characters. Some airlines may not allow any changes at all. If you need to change the name, please contact support center.
Travel Documents
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We recommend that you always carry your passport with you when you travel! Depending on where you are traveling, you may be denied boarding if you do not have valid documents: passport, visa and transit visa. Your travel documents must comply with the requirements of the destination country and airline.
Passengers are always required to check if they need a passport and visa to travel to their chosen destination. Sometimes a visa or a transit visa is needed even for countries where you will be passing through. You should obtain the necessary information from the relevant embassy or consulate. Please note that some countries require that you have at least six months left before your passport's expiration date.
Due to the pandemic, many countries require travelers to have a negative PCR test. In some cases, it may be replaced by a coronavirus vaccination certificate. This can be an official paper certificate or a digital document stating that you have been vaccinated against COVID-19. For the latest information, please contact your airline directly, the relevant embassy, ​​IATA or CDC .
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The choice of a more convenient seat can be made during online check-in for a flight or at the airport, or in advance at booking (most often this service is paid).
Yes, you can do this, if it is available at during the booking process.
If you've selected a seat but want to change it, you can usually do so on the airline's website.
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As a rule, non-refundable ticket fares are cheaper. There is a warning on the website and in the itinerary receipt that the ticket is non-refundable. If you decide to cancel your flight, you can only check if it is possible to refund airport taxes. However, more often than not, the refund amount is very small.
There is an unsubscribe link at the end of every newsletter message. Click on the link and enter your address. If the cancellation was successful, you will see a confirmation message and you will no longer receive news emails from us.
A pregnant woman is allowed to travel only up to 32-36 weeks into her pregnancy for both domestic and international travel. It is mandatory to have an 'OK to travel' certificate given by a gynaecologist. However every airline has its own policy for travel pertaining to pregnant woman.
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