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Şanlıurfa GAP Airport is an airport located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region of Turkey, serving the province of Şanlıurfa. The airport serves both domestic and international flights, making it an important transportation hub for passengers wishing to visit Şanlıurfa and its surrounding areas.

According to passenger statistics, Şanlıurfa GAP Airport serves hundreds of thousands of passengers each year. For the most up-to-date passenger numbers and traffic information, it is recommended to refer to the airport's official website or relevant air traffic control authorities.

Transportation to Şanlıurfa GAP Airport is typically provided by taxis, private cars, and Havaş buses. Passengers exiting the airport can utilize taxi or private car services, or they can opt for Havaş buses, which operate regular services to downtown Şanlıurfa.

The airport offers a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable experience for its passengers. These include cafes and restaurants, duty-free shops, car rental services, free Wi-Fi, and information desks providing services in various languages. Additionally, accessibility services for disabled passengers are available at the airport.

Şanlıurfa GAP Airport serves as an ideal starting point for domestic and foreign tourists wanting to explore the Southeastern Anatolia Region.

Transportation from City Center to Airport

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GAP Airport

Traveling from Şanlıurfa city center to GAP Airport offers a variety of options. Among these, HAVAŞ shuttle services stand out as the most preferred method.

HAVAŞ shuttles provide regular services to the airport based on specific flight schedules from the city center. These services offer a fast and economical transportation alternative, ensuring passengers reach the airport with ease.

Additionally, taxis accessible from all over the city center provide another convenient method to get to the airport. Taxi rides are especially ideal for larger groups or those with an abundance of luggage.

If you prefer to drive on your own, you can easily reach GAP Airport by following the direction signs starting from the city center. It's essential to account for your flight timings and potential traffic congestion to ensure timely arrival at the airport.

Airport Buses

For those looking to travel from Şanlıurfa city center to GAP Airport, HAVAŞ shuttle buses offer an ideal transportation solution. These services pick up passengers from designated stops and transport them directly to the airport, ensuring both comfort and efficiency during the journey.

The route for HAVAŞ shuttles operating between Şanlıurfa city center and GAP Airport includes the following stops: Nevali Hotel Bus Stop, Harran University Front, Sabancı Girls Dormitory Bus Stop, Şenevler Bus Stop, Karaköprü VIP Wedding Hall, and finally GAP Airport. These shuttles are scheduled according to flight times and depart from Abide Park near Nevali Hotel exactly 2 hours before each flight's departure time.

For those traveling from the regions of Siverek and Hilvan to GAP Airport, HAVAŞ services are also available. The route from Siverek to GAP Airport includes the following stops: Triangle Park, Old Bus Terminal Junction, Main road in front of the New Bus Terminal, Hilvan's 1st overpass, and lastly GAP Airport. It's essential to note the specific pick-up and drop-off points along these routes.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, individuals can contact the official phone number of HAVAŞ Bus Operations.

Car Rental

If you're looking to explore Şanlıurfa and its surroundings, renting a car from the city center allows you to comfortably visit historical and tourist sites like Harran, Halfeti, and Göbeklitepe. After your excursions to these locations, you can conveniently drive to the GAP Airport using the same vehicle.

In Şanlıurfa's downtown, there are numerous car rental agencies, such as Carwingo, Gezgin724, Avis, and Europcar, that can provide a suitable vehicle for your needs. Traveling with your own rented car not only facilitates the exploration of Şanlıurfa's treasures but also ensures a comfortable commute to the airport for your departure.

Private Car

If you are planning to travel from Şanlıurfa city center to GAP Airport with your private vehicle, you can follow the airport direction signs on the Adana-Şanlıurfa Highway/O-52/E90 and Şanlıurfa Diyarbakır Road/D885/E99. Depending on traffic conditions, this journey can take an average of 50 minutes.

Upon arriving at GAP Airport, you'll find a spacious parking area opposite the domestic flights terminal with a capacity for 246 vehicles. Additionally, there are 15 special parking spots designated for passengers with limited mobility. For more detailed information about parking services, you can directly contact the Gap Airport Parking service.


Opting for a private transfer service from Şanlıurfa city center to GAP Airport offers a practical alternative for both individual and group travelers. This service allows you to avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and ensures a smooth journey, giving you peace of mind to complete all your pre-travel preparations.

It's especially ideal for large groups, families, or those on a tight schedule. Companies in the heart of Şanlıurfa, such as ONT Transfer, Eurocars Rental, and Carwingo, can pick you up at your specified time and location, delivering you directly to the airport. The convenience offered by these private transfer services makes it one of the most comfortable travel options in Şanlıurfa.


Using a taxi is a highly practical method for transportation from Şanlıurfa city center and its surrounding districts to GAP Airport. From the city center, it takes roughly half an hour by taxi to reach the airport, with varying durations from other districts.

For instance, if you're considering traveling by taxi from the historic district of Harran to the airport, this journey is estimated to take about an hour and 10 minutes. From Siverek, it's 45 minutes, from Viranşehir it's around an hour and 20 minutes, and from the picturesque district of Halfeti, it's approximately an hour and 36 minutes. These times can fluctuate depending on traffic flow and road conditions, so it's recommended to plan your trip accordingly.

Transportation from Airport to City Center

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GAP Airport

Şanlıurfa GAP Airport is located a bit outside of the city, at a distance of 35 kilometers. You can cover this distance in approximately half an hour with your car. There are various alternatives to ensure your transportation is comfortable and fast.

HAVAŞ organizes routes between the city center and the airport according to specific flight times, offering passengers an economical and scheduled transportation option. However, if you wish to go directly to a specific location, you can use taxis that are available 24/7.

Additionally, during your stay in Şanlıurfa, to explore the city more freely, you can benefit from the car rental offices located at the airport. Especially if you plan to visit historical and touristic places outside of the city, renting a car will provide you with great flexibility.

Airport Buses

Traveling from Şanlıurfa GAP Airport to the city center has been made considerably easier with the HAVAŞ shuttle buses. Operating based on designated flight times, these buses depart for the city center along their defined route approximately 25 minutes after all passengers have arrived at the airport.

The route defined by HAVAŞ is as follows: Airport, Karaköprü VIP Wedding Hall, Şenevler Stop, Sabancı Girls' Dormitory Stop, Harran University Front, and Nevali Hotel Side Municipal Bus Stop. The duration of the journey varies depending on the traffic conditions but typically lasts around 45 minutes.

Additionally, HAVAŞ also provides direct service to the districts of Siverek and Hilvan outside the city center. Drop-off points for the Siverek route include: Hilvan 2nd Overpass, Siverek New Bus Terminal Roadside, Siverek Old Bus Terminal, and Triangle Park.

For more detailed information on these routes and departure times, you can visit the official HAVAŞ website or contact 0414 378 10 01 phone number.

Car Rental

Renting a car from Şanlıurfa GAP Airport is a convenient option for those wanting to travel around the city center and its surroundings. With your own vehicle, you can freely explore the city and its vicinity, planning your trip according to your own schedule.

There are several car rental companies located at the airport. These companies offer a range of vehicles to suit different needs and budgets. If you're considering renting a car to explore Şanlıurfa's historical and cultural riches, you can make a reservation in advance and pick up your vehicle right at the airport.

Some of the car rental companies at the airport include: Carwingo, Gezgin724, Avis, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt, and Budget. For more detailed information about the services and vehicles these companies offer, you can contact them via their phone numbers and easily make your reservation.


Reaching the Şanlıurfa GAP Airport from the city center and other surrounding areas via private transfer is an ideal option for large groups or those with excessive luggage. The private transfer service allows passengers to reach their designated destination comfortably without waiting at the airport.

You can choose from a variety of private transfer providers available at the airport to make your journey more planned and comfortable. Firms like Eurocars Rental, ONT Transfer, Carwingo, Wincar, Birsen Tourism, and Urfa Car Rental offer a swift transfer opportunity by meeting passengers upon prior reservation. This service is particularly beneficial for those aiming to travel outside the city or to special destinations, as it simplifies the transportation process significantly.


Traveling from Şanlıurfa GAP Airport to the city center and other popular areas is quite convenient and practical by taxi. Taxis, which operate 24 hours a day, can be easily accessed at the passenger exit gates of both domestic and international terminals.

With taxis, you can comfortably reach many places within the city. For example; historical Balıklıgöl area, the bustling bus station region, the university campus, the district of Harran, Hilvan, the historical town of Halfeti, and Siverek can be directly accessed. Moreover, you can also quickly go to other tourist attractions, shopping centers, or your accommodations within the city using taxis.

If you wish to make a reservation, have special requests, or need more detailed information, you can call the official taxi line of Şanlıurfa GAP Airport. It's recommended to use this number to plan in advance and gather information about other transportation alternatives in the city.

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