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Uşak is a city in Turkey's Aegean Region, famous for its historical and natural beauties. As one of the significant cities of Inner Aegean, Uşak is an important center in agriculture, industry, and trade. The city's economy is based on agriculture, animal husbandry, textiles, ceramics, and tourism. Uşak offers unforgettable experiences to visitors with its natural beauties, historical structures, and rich culture.

Uşak's nature is filled with forests, mountains, and rivers. The city's significant natural beauties include natural wonders such as Clandras Bridge, Ulubey Canyon, and Ulubey Recreation Area. These regions are ideal for activities such as nature walks, camping, picnicking, and photography. Additionally, water resources such as Banaz Stream and Gediz River are popular for rafting and fishing.

Throughout history, Uşak has been famous for its historical structures and remnants that carry the traces of many civilizations. One of the city's most important historical structures is the ancient city of Blaundus, which attracts attention with its Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine period remains. Furthermore, the Uşak Archaeological Museum, located on Atatürk Avenue, displays artifacts showcasing the city's history and cultural richness.

Uşak's local cuisine reflects the rich and delicious culinary culture of the Aegean and Inner Anatolia regions. Regional delicacies such as tarhana soup, keşkek, gözleme, poppy seed stuffed meatballs, and quince dessert are indispensable tastes of Uşak cuisine. Restaurants and cafes in the city offer visitors the opportunity to experience these flavors.

Uşak is also known for its hospitable people and traditional lifestyle. Festivals and events organized in the city provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy local culture and music. Uşak Pearl Film Festival, Çalın Davulları Festival, and various cultural events organized by the Uşak Municipality add color to the city's social and cultural life.

Transportation from City Center to Usak Airport

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Usak Airport

Reaching Uşak Airport from the city center is quite easy. You can choose to take a taxi, bus, or arrange a private transfer service. You can opt for a taxi or bus from their respective stands, or arrange a private transfer service online. All these options allow for a quick and effective transfer from the city center to the airport.

Taxis and private transfer services usually follow the quickest and most direct route, saving you time in traffic. Buses, on the other hand, operate at specific times and stop at designated stops to pick up and drop off passengers.


Taking a bus from Uşak city center to the airport is a budget-friendly and practical option. Buses operating at specific hours will get you to the airport in about half an hour. Generally following the main arteries and significant stops on their route, they also have the opportunity to pick up passengers from different areas. You can learn the schedule and route information from bus stops in the city center or from online platforms. This bus journey is a suitable choice for those looking for an economical and local transportation option.

Car Rental

Renting a car is a preferred method for visiting places outside the city from Uşak city center. In the city center, you can find car rental companies like Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Hertz, or Rent Go.

This allows you to visit tourist spots around Uşak such as the Clandras Bridge and Ulubey Canyon. You can catch your flight by returning the rented car at the airport.

Private Car

Traveling from Uşak city center to the airport by private car is both a fast and comfortable option. The approximate distance of 5.5 kilometers from the city center to the airport usually takes around 10 to 15 minutes, depending on traffic. While traveling in your private car, you also have the opportunity to observe the beautiful scenery of Uşak.

Regarding the route, you can proceed from the city center via Atatürk Boulevard, then follow the D200 highway to reach the airport. Another advantage of using a private car is that you are not dependent on a specific time for transportation. This way, you can allocate ample time for your flight, reaching the airport stress-free and at your own pace.


Utilizing a private transfer service from the city center to Uşak Airport is a comfortable and quick transportation alternative. By making a reservation, these transfer services pick you up at the set time and drop you off at the airport. Private transfers generally aim to reach the airport in the shortest time possible, following a designated route depending on the traffic conditions.

You can make a reservation online or via phone, ensuring that the transfer vehicle is ready at the specified time and place. This way, you can plan your transportation to the airport in advance, minimizing the risk of missing your flight. Private transfer service is an ideal choice especially for those traveling in groups or those looking for a comfortable transportation option.


Taking a taxi from Uşak city center to the airport is a quick and comfortable option. You can easily find a taxi to the airport from various points in the city center and avail this service. Taxis generally proceed to the airport via Atatürk Avenue, and the duration of the journey may vary depending on the traffic conditions.

The taxi option is particularly suitable for those in need of urgent and swift transportation. Additionally, the duration of the taxi ride from different destinations within Uşak city center to the airport may vary due to traffic and other external factors. For more precise information regarding the duration of the journey, you can get in touch with local taxi services.

Transportation from Usak Airport to City Center

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Usak Airport

Uşak Airport is located approximately 5.5 kilometers away from the city center and this distance can be covered in about 10-15 minutes by taxi or bus. Traveling by taxi offers a faster and more comfortable transportation option, while the bus is a more economical alternative.

Taxis can easily be found at the exit of the airport, whereas buses operate between the airport and the city center at specific times.


Taking the bus from Uşak Airport to the city center offers an economical and practical option. Buses depart from the airport at specific times and reach the city center after approximately a half-hour journey. The bus schedules and stops are generally located on the main arteries between the airport and the city center.

During the bus journey, you have the opportunity to explore different areas of Uşak by getting off at various stops. For the bus schedules and route information, you can inquire at the airport information office or check the websites of the bus companies.


Private transfer from Uşak Airport to the city center is an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and speed. You can easily make your reservation through online platforms, for example via Alantransfer. The transfer service picks you up from the airport and drops you off at the specified address, ensuring a quick and comfortable transportation experience.

The route of the transfer usually follows the quickest and most direct way, so you don’t waste much time in traffic. Alternatively, you can evaluate other transfer companies to find the most suitable option for you and make your reservation.


Taking a taxi from Uşak Airport to the city center is a quick and comfortable option. You can catch a taxi from the taxi stand located at the airport exit, and reach the city center in a short time. Taxis generally follow Atatürk Avenue towards the city center.

Taxi transportation allows you to easily carry your luggage and personal belongings, ensuring your comfort throughout your journey. Depending on the traffic, the taxi ride to the city center takes about 10-15 minutes.

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