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Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways Flights


Kenya Airways, also known as KQ, is the flag carrier of Kenya. The airline has a rich history, having been in service since 1977. Its headquarters is located in Embakasi, Nairobi, making it a central hub for operations. Kenya Airways primarily operates out of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, providing convenient access for travelers.

As a member of the SkyTeam alliance, Kenya Airways has established strong partnerships with other leading airlines. This alliance enables seamless travel experiences for passengers, with codeshare agreements in place. With a fleet size of over 33 aircraft, Kenya Airways covers a wide range of destinations both domestically and internationally. This includes popular cities like Mumbai, Paris, Rome, and of course, Nairobi itself.


Kenya Airways offers convenient check-in options for its passengers. There are three ways to check-in: online, at self-service kiosks, or at the check-in counters at the airport.

The online check-in service is available from 2 to 30 hours before departure. This allows travelers to avoid long queues at the airport and save time. Passengers can simply visit the Kenya Airways website, enter their booking details, and complete the check-in process online. This is especially beneficial for those who prefer a hassle-free check-in experience.

In addition to online check-in, passengers can also check-in at the airport using self-service kiosks. These kiosks are available at most airports and provide a quick and easy way to check-in. Passengers can follow the on-screen instructions, scan their boarding pass or enter their booking details, and print their boarding pass.

For those who prefer traditional check-in methods, Kenya Airways has dedicated check-in counters at the airport. Passengers can approach these counters and have a customer service representative assist them with the check-in process. This option is suitable for those who may have specific requests or inquiries.

To ensure a smooth travel experience, Kenya Airways recommends that passengers arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before domestic flights and 3 hours before international flights. This allows sufficient time to complete the check-in process, clear security checks, and board the flight without any rush or stress.

Kenya Airways Check-in Options:

  1. Online check-in: Available from 2 to 30 hours before departure.
  2. Self-service kiosks: Conveniently located at the airport.
  3. Check-in counters: Staffed by customer service representatives.
Check-in Option Availability Benefits
Online check-in 2 to 30 hours before departure Avoid long queues, convenient
Self-service kiosks At the airport Quick and easy, print boarding pass
Check-in counters At the airport Personal assistance, address specific inquiries

By providing multiple check-in options, Kenya Airways ensures that passengers have a seamless start to their journey. Whether you prefer the convenience of online check-in, the simplicity of self-service kiosks, or the personalized service at the check-in counters, Kenya Airways caters to your needs.

Baggage Allowance

Kenya Airways has specific baggage allowances for different travel classes and destinations. Passengers are advised to check the airline's website for detailed information on baggage restrictions and fees. The following are the baggage policies for hand luggage, checked baggage, and special luggage:

Hand Luggage

Economy Class passengers are allowed 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 10kg. Business Class passengers are allowed 2 pieces of hand luggage weighing up to 12kg each. The dimensions of the hand luggage must adhere to the airline's guidelines to ensure it can be conveniently stored in the overhead compartments.

Checked Baggage

Kenya Airways' baggage allowance varies depending on the route and travel class. For flights between Africa and America or Europe, Business Class passengers are allowed two pieces of checked baggage, each weighing a maximum of 32kg, while Economy passengers are allowed two pieces, each with a maximum weight of 23kg. The same allowances apply for flights between Africa and the Middle East or Asia, as well as within Africa.

On domestic routes, Business Class passengers are allowed one piece of 32kg, and Economy passengers one piece of 23kg. Additionally, Sky Team Elite Plus & Elite members get an extra 32kg on all routes. It's important to comply with these allowances to avoid extra charges​​.

Special Luggage

Kenya Airways provides guidelines for transporting special luggage, including sports equipment, musical instruments, and pets. Passengers with such items are suggested to contact the airline in advance to obtain detailed information on the requirements, restrictions, and any applicable fees. By following these guidelines, passengers can ensure a smooth travel experience with their special luggage.

Seat Selection

Kenya Airways provides a convenient seat selection option for passengers to enhance their travel experience. Whether you prefer a window seat, extra legroom, or specific amenities, Kenya Airways offers a range of seat options to meet your needs.

During the booking process, passengers can choose their seats directly or opt for seat selection at a later time through the airline's website or customer service. However, seat availability is subject to availability, so it is recommended to select your seats as early as possible to secure your desired seating arrangement.

Kenya Airways provides a seat map, allowing passengers to visualize the seating layout and choose seats based on their preferences. You can easily locate the seat map on the airline's website or request assistance from their customer service.

For passengers seeking extra comfort and amenities, Kenya Airways also offers seat upgrades. Additional fees may apply for certain seat types or upgrades, so it's essential to check with the airline for specific details regarding seat upgrade options and associated costs.

Whether you're looking for a window seat to enjoy the view or prefer extra legroom for added comfort during your flight, Kenya Airways ensures that you have the flexibility to choose your preferred seats and enhance your travel experience.

Loyalty Program

Kenya Airways recently launched its loyalty program, Asante Rewards, designed to provide greater value to its customers through a variety of redeemable points. These points can be earned from flights operated by Kenya Airways or any of its partners, and can be used for benefits like reward ticket flights, seat upgrades, extra baggage allowance, priority services, and seat selections. This program is a significant step in enhancing the customer experience and acknowledging customer loyalty, particularly tailored to the African market.

The program has four membership tiers: Silver, Ruby, Gold, and Platinum, each offering unique benefits and privileges. This tiered structure allows passengers to enjoy a more rewarding experience as they accumulate more points. Upon enrollment in the program, members are automatically awarded 1000 points, and additional benefits are expected as Kenya Airways expands its partnership network. The points earned are dependent on the destination, fare type, and class of travel, reflecting in the member's account within 24 hours after a flight.

Asante Rewards marks Kenya Airways' departure from the previously used Air France-KLM Flying Blue loyalty program, aligning with their aim to develop innovative products and services. This independent loyalty program underscores Kenya Airways' commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive positioning in the global aviation sector.

Food & Beverage

Kenya Airways offers a variety of inflight meal options to enhance the passenger experience. The meals vary based on the class of travel and the length of the flight:

  1. Business Class: Passengers are welcomed with a glass of champagne or water. Meal options depend on the flight duration. Short haul flights (46 minutes to 1.5 hours) provide fresh cold and hot snacks with a beverage. Medium haul flights (1 hour 46 minutes to 5 hours) offer a hot light meal that includes a main course and a dessert. For long haul (6 to 11 hours) and super long-haul flights (11 hours and above), two to three meals are served, with meals plated by flight attendants.

  2. Economy Class: Depending on the flight length, passengers receive nuts, snacks, or a main meal. Like Business Class, the meal options are based on the flight duration, with short haul flights offering cold and hot snacks, and longer flights providing up to three meals, including dinner, lunch, or hot breakfast.

  3. Special Meals: Kenya Airways accommodates various dietary requirements with a selection of special meals such as vegetarian, gluten-free, low-fat, and meals for specific religious requirements. These special meals need to be booked at least 24 hours before departure.

Additionally, Kenya Airways recently introduced an enhanced dining experience with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and customized meal services. This includes a new menu and plating service for business class and tray service for economy class, offering an appetizer, three main meal choices, dessert, and mid-flight snacks in business class. The economy class now also features an extra starter for hot meals and yogurt for breakfast. This improved service is part of Kenya Airways' strategy to deliver personalized culinary experiences reflecting African hospitality.

In-Flight Entertainment

Kenya Airways provides a comprehensive in-flight entertainment system, especially on their Boeing 737-700 and 737-800 aircraft. They offer the KQ Cinema App, which allows passengers to access a diverse range of content on their personal devices. This includes over 80 movies, 30 documentaries, 55 TV programs, and 1,000 music tracks. To use this service, passengers need to download the KQ Cinema App from the Play Store before their flight, as the app requires an initial internet connection to download. Once on board, passengers can log onto KQ Wi-Fi, which is designed specifically for media content, to enjoy this entertainment selection.

It's important to note that while the airline provides this extensive entertainment option, they do not currently offer in-flight Wi-Fi facilities on any of their flights. Therefore, passengers won't be able to send messages, emails, use social media, or perform any internet-based tasks during the flight. This aligns with the general trend in in-flight entertainment, focusing more on content consumption rather than internet connectivity.

Pet Policy

Traveling with pets can add a special dimension to your journey, and Kenya Airways recognizes the importance of these furry family members. However, when planning to fly with pets, it's crucial to be aware of the airline's specific policies to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for both you and your pet. Here's an overview of Kenya Airways' pet policy:

Pet Travel in the Cabin

Kenya Airways generally does not allow pets in the cabin. The exception to this rule is for service or emotional support dogs assisting passengers with disabilities. These dogs are accepted without additional charges and must be properly harnessed. They should not occupy a seat and are expected to behave properly without causing disruption. Advanced reservation for these service or emotional support dogs is required.

Pets as Cargo

Kenya Airways requires that pets be transported as cargo. This is because the airline does not accept pets as checked-in animals in the hold (AVIH) or in the cabin (PETC) on their flights. Essential documentation for pet transportation includes valid health and rabies vaccination certificates, and export/import permits from the relevant governments of the destination and transit countries. The pets may also be subject to quarantine based on the regulations of the destination country.

Pet Fees and Kennel Requirements

When transporting pets as cargo, they are treated as excess baggage and charged accordingly. The kennel used for transport must adhere to IATA Live Animals Regulations, ensuring adequate space, ventilation, and leak-proof construction. It's crucial for the kennel to allow the pet to move comfortably, stand, sit erect, and lie in a natural position. The kennel must also have provisions for replenishment of food and water from outside.

For the most accurate and current information, it's recommended to contact Kenya Airways directly or check their official website.

Lounge Usage

Kenya Airways offers an exclusive lounge experience at various airports, prominently featuring the state-of-the-art lounges at Terminal 1A. These lounges, designed with African landscapes in mind, provide a serene and comfortable setting with various thematic areas such as a Business Experience Center, a coastal-themed area, and a Savannah-themed quiet zone. Health and safety measures have been enhanced in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring a safe environment for passengers.

For those wishing to access these lounges, Kenya Airways offers a 'Pay Lounge Day pass' service. The pass allows guests to invite friends, family, or colleagues to join them in the lounge for a fee. This service is available at the Pride Lounge, Simba Lounge, and Msafiri Lounge, with various payment options including credit/debit cards and cash in multiple currencies. Additionally, through a partnership with South African Airways (SAA), reciprocal lounge access is provided to certain Kenya Airways and SAA customers.

Kenya Airways Top Questions

On Kenya Airways flights, some passengers have expressed satisfaction with the professional and helpful attitude of the flight crews, comfortable seating arrangements, and reasonably priced ticket options.

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Kenya Airways offers flights to a variety of destinations around the world. Their network includes cities in Africa, Asia, and Europe, with major destinations such as Guangzhou in China, Paris in France, Mumbai in India, and Johannesburg in South Africa. The airline also serves numerous locations within Kenya, like Nairobi and Mombasa, and other cities across the African continent. They have expanded their reach over the years, now covering multiple countries and continents, providing passengers with a wide range of travel options .

In general, airline ticket prices increase as the flight date approaches. If your travel date is certain, it is possible to find cheap tickets by purchasing your Kenya Airways flight ticket without leaving it at the last minute.

To do online check-in for Kenya Airways flights:

  1. Visit the official Kenya Airways website.
  2. Find and click on the "Online Check-In" section.
  3. Enter the necessary information such as booking number and last name.
  4. Choose your seat and complete the check-in process.
  5. Print your boarding pass or save it to your mobile device.

Online check-in typically starts 30 hours before your flight and ends 1.5 hours before departure. For more detailed information, you can visit Kenya Airways' official website.

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Kenya AirwaysKenya Airways
Home City/Airport IATA code

Government of Kenya % 48.90
Kq Lenders Co. % 38.10
Kenya Airways Employee % 2.40

Member of Alliance
Loyalty Program
Flying Blue
Company Slogan
The Pride of Africa
Number of Aircrafts
Number of Targets
Fleet Age


Type of Aircrafts

Boeing, Embraer

Detail of Fleet

Boeing 737-300, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Embraer ERJ-190

Head Office

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, PO Box 19002-00501, Airport Road, Embakasi, Nairobi, Kenya

Phone Number

+254 20 327 4747

Fax Number

+254 20 642 2560



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