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Thai Airways

Thai Airways Flights


Steeped in a rich tradition that began in 1960, Thai Airways has charted a storied path, evolving from Thailand's first international airline into a flagship carrier renowned throughout the Thai airline industry. Making its home at the bustling Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi AirportThai Airways orchestrates its operations across an expansive fleet that fulfills a spectrum of passenger demands. The airline is recognized for its critical role as a founding member of the prestigious Star Alliance, providing unparalleled connectivity across the globe.

As we dive into Thai Airways company information, it's evident that the airline's growth parallels the ascent of modern aviation in the region. The fleet diversity is a testament to the airline's commitment to customer satisfaction and operational excellence. Here's a glimpse into the meticulously curated fleet that facilitates this commitment:

Aircraft Type
Wide-Body Models
Narrow-Body Models
Number in Fleet
Includes various models of Boeing 747, Airbus A380, and others
Includes various models of Airbus A320 family
Passenger Capacity
Varies from medium to high
Varies from low to medium
Route Types
Long-haul international routes
Short-haul and domestic routes

Additionally, Thai Airways is deeply ingrained in the realm of corporate social responsibility, fervently upholding initiatives aimed at cultural preservation and environmental sustainability. This holistic approach underscores the airline's dedication not only to high-caliber service but also to fostering a positive impact within and beyond the airline industry.


For those embarking on a journey with Thai Airways, the check-in process is streamlined to cater to the preferences and conveniences of all travelers. Understanding the diverse needs of passengers, Thai Airways offers various check-in options recognized throughout the industry for their user-friendliness and efficiency.

  • Thai Airways online check-in: Farewell to the long queues at the airport! Passengers can enjoy the leisure of checking in from anywhere using the Thai Airways online check-in facility. It opens 24 hours before the scheduled departure and closes just one hour prior, providing ample time to log in, choose a seat, and receive a Thai Airways mobile boarding pass. This service is designed to save time and streamline the boarding process.
  • Airport Kiosk Check-in: For travelers who may not have access to the online options or prefer the traditional way, self-service kiosks are conveniently placed at airport check-in areas around Thailand. A few simple steps on the interactive screen and you're ready to proceed to the gate.
  • Counter Check-in: Thai Airways' courteous staff await at dedicated airport counters to assist passengers with check-in procedures, ensuring a personalized touch and addressing any travel concerns directly.

Thai Airways also acknowledges the loyalty of their frequent flyers and premium passengers, offering exclusive check-in conveniences:

Passenger Category
Priority Check-in
Additional Services
First and Business Class Travelers
Access to premium check-in counters
Speedy boarding and lounge access
Royal Orchid Plus Members
Priority queues at designated areas
Increased baggage allowance

Regardless of the method chosen, Thai Airways ensures that the check-in experience is as smooth as the flight itself, setting the tone for a pleasant journey ahead.

Baggage Allowance

Understanding Thai Airways baggage policy is essential for a stress-free travel experience. Passengers are advised to familiarize themselves with Thai Airways cabin baggage and checked luggage restrictions to ensure compliance and avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, guidelines for carrying special items on Thai Airways are designed to assist passengers with their various travel needs.

Hand Luggage

All passengers flying with Thai Airways are permitted to bring hand luggage on board. The allowance includes one carry-on bag and one personal item, such as a laptop bag, handbag, or briefcase. Each item must adhere to certain size and weight restrictions to ensure it fits in the overhead bin or under the seat ahead of you. The maximum dimensions for the carry-on bag are typically 56cm x 45cm x 25cm, and the weight must not exceed 7kg.

Checked Baggage

The Thai Airways luggage restrictions for checked baggage vary depending on the class of service and the level of membership in the Royal Orchid Plus frequent flyer program. Thai Airways offers a generous baggage allowance, with detailed guidelines on maximum weight and size for checked luggage. The following table outlines the checked baggage allowances for various travel classes:

Travel Class
Checked Baggage Allowance
Max Weight Per Piece
Max Dimensions
Economy Class
1 to 2 pieces depending on fare
23 kg
158 cm (L+W+H)
Royal Silk (Business) Class
1 to 2 pieces depending on fare
32 kg
158 cm (L+W+H)
First Class
2 to 3 pieces depending on fare
32 kg
158 cm (L+W+H)
Royal Orchid Plus Gold & Platinum MembersAdditional piece on top of standard allowance23 kg for Economy; 32 kg for Royal Silk and First Class158 cm (L+W+H)

Special Luggage

Special items, including sports equipment, musical instruments, and other non-standard baggage may require special handling. Thai Airways has established tailored packaging and handling requirements to safely accommodate such items within the aircraft’s hold. Passengers should contact customer service in advance to understand the necessary preparations and potential additional fees associated with their special luggage.

Special items often have specific allowances and packaging guidelines to prevent damage during transit. Thai Airways ensures the safe handling of these items to provide peace of mind for travelers who may be carrying valuable or delicate equipment.

Seat Selection

For travelers yearning for a tailored flying experience with Thai Airways, selecting the perfect seat prior to departure is a crucial step. With Thai Airways seating options, passengers have the convenience to personalize their travel, ensuring an enhanced journey. Whether you prefer extra legroom for stretching out on long flights, a window seat to marvel at the cloudscape, or an aisle seat to have freedom of movement, the options are plentiful.

Passengers flying in groups and families can benefit from the Thai Airways seat reservation system to secure adjacent seats, making their trip together more enjoyable. For those who treasure privacy, there's also the choice of selecting secluded seats, when aircraft configurations allow.

  • Elite and premium class passengers, including those traveling in First and Royal Silk Class, enjoy the privilege of pre-selecting their preferred seats at no additional charge, adding a layer of prestige to their travel experience.
  • Passengers holding flexible or refundable tickets often have access to complimentary seat selection, an advantage that comes with certain fare types.

However, choosing seats on Thai Airways may incur additional fees for travelers with more restrictive fares or those looking to secure seats with extra benefits, such as additional legroom or preferred placement within the cabin. These fees are determined by the specific seat's location and the attributes associated with it. Reviewing the various seat options at the time of booking or via manage booking portal on Thai Airways' official site can provide clarity on the reservations and any potential fees.

Let's explore a snapshot of the seating choices and respective services:

Seat Type Description Availability
Standard Seat Regular economy class seating Accessible to all passengers; fees may apply for advance selection
Preferred Seat Seats located towards the front of the cabin for quicker disembarkation Complimentary for high-tier frequent flyers; otherwise available for a fee
Extra Legroom Seat Seats with additional space to stretch your legs, such as exit row seats Available for a fee; subject to safety criteria

The advance Thai Airways seat reservation process is user-friendly, and passengers can access it through the airline's online booking platform or by contacting the customer service center. Whether you're seeking comfort for a long-haul journey or simply a convenient spot on a regional flight, securing your ideal seat enhances your onboard experience, making your travels with Thai Airways as enjoyable as the destination itself.

Loyalty Program

Experience the rewards of flying with one of Asia's premier airlines by enrolling in the esteemed Royal Orchid Plus membership, Thai Airways' answer to an airline loyalty rewards program. As a Thai Airways frequent flyer, the opportunities to earn miles with Thai Airways span across a variety of platforms. From the altitude of the sky to the comfort of ground services, loyalty truly soars with diverse mile-earning possibilities.

By aligning with strategic partners in hospitality, transportation, and finance sectors, Thai Airways extends the reach of Royal Orchid Plus, allowing members to accumulate miles beyond flight activity. Here’s how rewarding each journey can be:

  • Earn miles for every Thai Airways flight, as well as with Star Alliance airline partners.
  • Accrue miles through hotel stays, car rentals, and credit card expenditures with participating partners.

Redemption of these miles opens doors to a plethora of premium services:

  • Book flight awards to over 70 destinations worldwide.
  • Upgrade from economy to business or first class for an elevated travel experience.
  • Stay at luxury hotels, or cover excess baggage fees using accrued miles.

The Royal Orchid Plus program doesn't just end at transactional benefits; it extends into a stratified membership system, each tier designed to cater to the evolving needs and loyalty levels of its members. Review the membership tiers and their exclusive privileges:

Tier Status Miles Required Key Benefits
Entry Level - Begin accumulating and redeeming miles
Silver 10,000 in 1 year Priority reservation waitlist, 10% bonus miles on Thai Airways flights
Gold 50,000 in 1 year Lounge access, additional baggage allowance, priority baggage handling
Platinum 80,000 in 2 years Complimentary upgrades, guaranteed economy class seating, enhanced lounge access

Joining the Royal Orchid Plus program not only taps frequent flyers into a world of exclusive benefits but also anchors a relationship with Thai Airways, marked by appreciation and value. As the tiers ascend, so do the perks, reinforcing the airline's commitment to honoring its patrons' loyalty journeys.

Your travels are a narrative in motion, and with Thai Airways, each chapter is filled with gratifying milestones. Step into a realm where journeying is as rewarding as the destination itself - align your adventures with the Royal Orchid Plus program for an experience that extends beyond the horizon.

Food & Beverage

Embark on a culinary journey with Thai Airways dining, where every meal is a celebration of flavors. Passengers on board can immerse themselves in a rich tapestry of taste with a menu that draws inspiration from the best of Thai and international cuisine. Whether cruising through daylight or starry skies, Thai Airways meals are crafted to delight the palate and complement the travel experience.

Cognizant of the diverse dietary preferences, special meals on Thai Airways can be arranged to suit a variety of needs including vegetarian, religious, and health-related requirements. These can be requested in advance to ensure passengers enjoy a satisfying dining experience tailored to their personal needs.

Alongside exquisite in-flight cuisine, a thoughtful selection of complimentary beverages is available to pair with your meal. From fine wines to premium spirits and a variety of non-alcoholic options, the beverages offered on Thai Airways flights complement the dining experience to perfection.

Meal Type Description Available On
Standard Meals Expertly prepared dishes inspired by Thai and global flavors All Thai Airways flights
Special Dietary Meals Includes vegetarian, religious, and health-specific options Available upon prior request
Children's Meals Wholesome and kid-friendly options Available upon prior request
Beverages Assorted wines, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks Served on all flights

Thai Airways is dedicated to serving an in-flight dining experience that not only satiates hunger but also resonates with the grace and hospitality Thailand is renowned for. The attention to detail in meal preparation and presentation ensures that every bite taken is a testament to Thai Airways' commitment to excellence in the skies.

In-Flight Entertainment

With Thai Airways, your flight experience is transformed into an entertainment-filled journey. Traverse the skies with the Thai Airways entertainment system, reveling in a wide array of entertainment options suited for travelers of all ages. The choices at your fingertips include the latest releases, enduring film classics, an assortment of TV shows, and a diverse library of melodies, thanks to Thai Airways music options.

For movie enthusiasts, the movies on Thai Airways flights are an embodiment of a cinematic haven. With selections ranging from Hollywood blockbusters to regional cinema treasures, the in-flight entertainment experience ensures a captivating distraction from the passing clouds. The roster continuously updates, keeping the content fresh and engaging for regular passengers.

  • Latest Hollywood and International Blockbusters
  • Classic Films and Regional Favorites
  • Popular TV Shows Spanning Different Genres
  • Comprehensive Music Library Featuring Various Artists and Playlists
  • Engaging Games Compatible with On-Board System

Immersing in the melodies, whether they're chart-topping hits or tranquil instrumentals, is made more enriching with the provision of noise-canceling headphones. These are available as part of the premium cabin amenities, offering an undisturbed auditory indulgence, and enabling passengers to fully engage with the Thai Airways music options.

Even the youngest travelers have their special place within the Thai Airways entertainment system. A myriad of family-friendly films and TV shows, along with interactive games, ensures children remain entertained, transforming a routine flight into a joyful adventure.

Delve into the in-flight experience that Thai Airways furnishes, making for not just a mere flight but a multi-sensory journey where entertainment takes flight, equaling the excitement of your destination.

Pet Policy

Understanding the intricacies of Thai Airways pet travel regulations is crucial for passengers planning to fly with their animal companions. Adherence to Thai Airways animal transport guidelines ensures a safe and comfortable journey for pets, making flying with pets on Thai Airways a smooth experience. Below are the specific conditions and documentation required for traveling with pets:

  • Pets such as cats and dogs are permitted to travel in the cabin if they comply with size and weight limitations. This ensures that they can be safely accommodated underneath the seat in front of you.
  • Larger pets that cannot be taken in the cabin may travel as checked baggage within a temperature-controlled area of the cargo hold, attending to their comfort throughout the flight.
  • All pet regulations on Thai Airways flights necessitate a suitable pet carrier that meets airline standards. The carrier must be secure, well-ventilated, and large enough for the pet to move around comfortably.
  • Prior to flying, a valid health certificate, vaccination records, and other required documentation must be presented, ensuring compliance with both Thai Airways' policies and destination country regulations.

Concerning the advance preparations for pet travel, consider the following table delineating Thai Airways pet travel procedures:

Requirement Cabin Travel Checked Baggage
Size and Weight Restrictions Small pets within carrier size limits Larger pets, subject to cargo hold dimensions
Carrier Specifications Must fit under the seat, leak-proof, escape-proof Sturdy, well-ventilated, with handles
Health Documentation Up-to-date vaccination, fit-to-fly certificate Same as cabin, may require additional documentation for international travel

It is always recommended to contact Thai Airways well in advance of your travel date to confirm pet travel arrangements and understand any potential changes to pet policies or additional requirements. By staying informed and prepared, you can ensure a peaceful journey for both you and your pet aboard Thai Airways.

Lounge Usage

For travelers seeking a serene sanctuary before takeoff, Thai Airways lounge access presents an exclusive retreat within the bustling airport environment. Honored guests, including first and business class passengers, as well as Royal Orchid Plus elite members, are invited to unwind or remain productive in the tranquil haven of the Royal Orchid lounges. These luxurious lounges offer a harmonious blend of comfort and convenience, setting the stage for an exceptional pre-flight experience.

Each Thai Airways airport lounge facility is thoughtfully designed to satisfy the needs of the discerning traveler. From plush seating that invites relaxation to the connectivity afforded by high-speed Wi-Fi, every detail caters to a premium experience. Passengers can indulge in an array of refreshments, ranging from light bites to gourmet offerings, curated to delight the palate before departure. For those seeking to freshen up after a long day or before a lengthy flight, the lounges also provide well-appointed shower facilities.

The allure of these peaceful enclaves is further enhanced by the attentive service and ambient sophistication characteristic of Thai hospitality. Whether the purpose of your visit is to catch up on work or simply to recline in tranquil luxury, Royal Orchid lounges are a testament to Thai Airways' commitment to elevating every aspect of the travel journey. An oasis of calm amidst the hustle of transit, these lounges are a cherished benefit for eligible passengers, offering a bespoke experience that begins well before boarding.

Thai Airways Top Questions

On a Thai Airways flight, you can expect comfortable seats, traditional Thai hospitality and fine dining.

Tezfly gets the airline prices instantly from the airline. You can find Thai Airways campaign flight ticket prices on the Tezfly website. You can examine the airline campaigns in detail in the campaigns section at the top of the page.

As of 2024, Thai Airways offers flights to many destinations within Thailand and internationally. It has flights to 10 different cities within Thailand and various countries in Asia, Europe and other regions. However, it is important to note that some destinations are no longer served by Thai Airways or flights have been discontinued. For the most up-to-date destination information and flight statuses, it is best to contact Thai Airways directly or consult the official website.

In general, airline ticket prices increase as the flight date approaches. If your travel date is certain, it is possible to find cheap tickets by purchasing your Thai Airways flight ticket without leaving it at the last minute.

To perform online check-in for Thai Airways flights, you can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official Thai Airways website.
  2. Look for the 'Manage Booking' or 'Check-In' section.
  3. Enter your booking reference number and last name to access your flight reservation.
  4. Start the check-in process and provide the necessary information.
  5. Once the check-in is complete, you can print your boarding pass or save it to your mobile device.

Online check-in is typically available from 24 hours before your scheduled departure time and usually closes 1 hour before departure. You can also use the Thai Airways mobile app for mobile check-in.

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Thai AirwaysThai Airways
Home City/Airport IATA code
Thailand Ministry of Finance (51%), Thailand Stock Exchange (47%)
Member of Alliance
Star Alliance
Loyalty Program
Royal Orchid Plus
Company Slogan
Smooth as Silk / I Fly THAI
Number of Aircrafts
Number of Targets
Fleet Age


Type of Aircrafts
Airbus, Boeing
Detail of Fleet
Airbus A320-200, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A350-900, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 777-300ER, BBoeing 787-8 Dreamliner, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner
Head Office
Larnluang ticket office 6 larnlueng RD Bangkok, 10100 Thailand
Phone Number
+66 2 356 1111, +66 2 288 7000
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