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Transportation from City Center to Bodrum Airport

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Milas-Bodrum Airport

Access to Milas-Bodrum Airport can be easily achieved through various means. Direct routes from districts like Milas, Yatağan, and Menteşe lead straight to the airport. In addition to HAVAŞ buses, you can also conveniently reach the airport using MUTTAŞ, which is Muğla's local transportation service.

If you prefer individual transportation, you can swiftly reach the airport by taxi. Alternatively, if you desire greater mobility within Muğla, you might consider the option of renting a car. Or, if you're traveling in your own vehicle, you can make use of the airport's paid parking facilities.

Airport Buses

Accessing the Milas-Bodrum Airport via HAVAŞ buses is quite straightforward. Although HAVAŞ once provided services from Didim to the airport, it now operates exclusively from the center of Bodrum district. You can directly reach the airport by using the HAVAŞ buses departing from Bodrum Bus Station.

If you're coming from outside the central area of Bodrum, you also have the option to board the HAVAŞ buses from Torba Road or Güvercinlik stops. If you're traveling from tourist destinations like Marmaris or Didim, you should first reach Bodrum Bus Station or Güvercinlik via intercity bus companies and then transfer to a HAVAŞ bus from there.


Reaching Milas-Bodrum Airport is easily achievable using MUTTAŞ buses from Muğla's Menteşe district or from Bodrum Bus Station. Departure times from Menteşe Bus Station to the airport are arranged according to flight schedules. Thus, to ensure you catch your flight, it's advisable to be at the bus station at least 15 minutes prior to the bus's departure time.

MUTTAŞ services departing from Menteşe Bus Station take off from the 1st Floor, Platform 7, with an average journey duration of about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Services from Bodrum Bus Station set out approximately 2 hours before your flight, picking up additional passengers at Torba Junction and in front of the Jet Migros in Güvercinlik on their way to the airport.

Additionally, in Bodrum, you can also board the MUTTAŞ buses at the Metro Tourism spot in Güvercinlik. For those coming from different regions like Göltürkbükü, Milas, or Turgutreis, you can travel to Bodrum or Menteşe first and then transfer to the airport from there. This method can be preferable for travelers coming from these areas.

Car Rental

Renting a car is an ideal choice to deeply explore the enchanting regions of Muğla and Aydın in the Aegean. In Muğla, you can rent a car from firms located in Menteşe like NGS or Kuzeyy; and in Aydın, from those in Didim such as Kiraz or Es-es. With your rented car, you can freely discover the beauties of the region and comfortably reach Muğla Milas-Bodrum Airport at the end of your vacation.

Private Car

If you're planning to drive to the airport using your private vehicle, you can comfortably reach it by following the Bodrum signs on the D330 highway. This journey typically takes around 60-70 minutes. The airport offers a spacious parking lot for those arriving with their vehicles. If you're considering long-term parking, you can visit the official airport website for information about fees or contact them directly via the provided phone numbers. For parking-related inquiries at Muğla Milas-Bodrum Airport, you can call +90 252 511 10 00. The internal extensions are 1575 and 1571.


Muğla is a favorite destination for both domestic and foreign tourists, renowned for its natural beauty and historical richness. This popularity has led to the emergence of many private transfer companies in the region. With a brief online search, you can review the options these companies offer.

Prominent companies like Bodrum Express Lines and Karia Seyahat stand out for their transfer services from Muğla to Milas-Bodrum Airport. In addition to providing a reliable and comfortable journey, these firms can also assist in potential travel disruptions.


Reaching Milas-Bodrum Airport by taxi is a highly comfortable option for travelers. Taxis provide direct transportation to the airport from various locations in Muğla, especially from Bodrum's city center.

For those in search of quick and individual transportation, a taxi stands out as one of the most suitable choices. Whether you're traveling from Torba, Güvercinlik, or the center of Bodrum, you can smoothly navigate along the main roads towards the airport.

Even if you're coming from more distant regions like Marmaris or Didim, taxis will take certain routes to get you to the airport. These routes typically follow major arteries and fast road connections, ensuring that you reach the airport in the shortest time possible.

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