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Transportation from City Center to Frankfurt Airport

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Frankfurt Airport

There are various transportation methods to travel from Frankfurt city center to the airport. One of the most common and fastest options is the S-Bahn trains. Particularly, lines S8 and S9, which depart from central locations, provide direct access to the airport, and the journey usually takes about 10-15 minutes.

Another option is the bus services departing from the city center. These buses operate on different routes to the airport, offering a comfortable travel experience. Additionally, taking a taxi from the city center to the airport is a popular method. The duration of the taxi ride can vary depending on traffic conditions, generally ranging between 20 to 30 minutes, providing a direct and swift transportation alternative.


There are several options for bus transportation from Frankfurt city center to the airport. One of these options is the AIRLINER bus line, which provides a 30-minute journey from Darmstadt Train Station to Frankfurt Airport. The stops for this line include Darmstadt Mina-Rees-Strasse, Darmstadt Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse, and Darmstadt Hauptbahnhof. Buses run from 04:44 am to 11:59 pm, every 30 to 60 minutes. The fare for adults is €8.75, and for children, it's €6.70.

Another alternative is the daytime bus lines 61, 77, 72, 58, and 62, as well as night bus lines 81 and 7, which run from the city center to the airport. Particularly, the Bus Line 61 offers a journey of about 30 minutes between Frankfurt Südbahnhof (South Station) and the airport. This service operates from 05:54 am to 11:54 pm, every 20 minutes. The single ticket fare is €4.35, and tickets can be purchased from the bus driver.


To travel from Frankfurt city center to the airport by train, you can use the S-Bahn lines S6 and S9. These trains, heading towards Offenbach Ost and Hanau, also stop at Hauptwache Station on their way to Frankfurt Airport. The journey takes about 11 minutes, with trains running from 04:32 am to 01:32 am every 10-15 minutes. You can purchase your tickets from the machines at Hauptwache Station; the fare for a single journey is €4.95 for adults and €2.90 for children.

Alternatively, the U-Bahn metro lines U8 and U9 offer a quick 8-minute trip from Hauptwache Station to the airport. These lines operate from 04:00 am to 01:30 am, with a single journey fare of €2.75 for adults and €1.55 for children.

Hotel Shuttle

Many hotels in the Frankfurt city center offer special shuttle services to the airport for their guests. These shuttles usually depart directly from the hotel at scheduled times, taking passengers straight to the airport terminals. It is often necessary to make a reservation and confirm the departure times through the hotel's reception.

These hotel shuttles are especially ideal during busy hours or for groups. Providing convenient and comfortable transportation, they are a suitable option for guests with a lot of luggage or those seeking ease in airport transit. The details and timings of the shuttle service may vary according to the policies of the hotel you are staying at.

Car Rental

Getting from Frankfurt city center to the airport with a rental car is straightforward. Using the A3, A5 highways, or the B43 motorway, you can follow the "Car Rental Return" signs for Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 to reach the designated return areas. Cars rented from all rental companies can be returned at both terminals, but Buchbinder cars can only be returned at Terminal 2, while Dollar and Thrifty cars should be returned at the Hertz counter. Remember to have the documents received during the rental with you when returning the car.

Depending on the terminal from which your flight departs, you may need to return the car at a different terminal; therefore, car return areas are available at both terminals. There are two gas stations near the airport, making it possible to refuel the car before returning it.

Private Car

Reaching Frankfurt Airport from the city center by private car is quite straightforward. Motorways A3, A67, and A5 lead directly to Frankfurt Airport. Follow the airport signs (an airport icon) and then choose Terminal 1 or 2 as needed.

The airport is conveniently located near the motorways. Therefore, it's advisable to check the traffic conditions on A3 and A5 in advance. Parking in front of the terminal is free of charge for up to 10 minutes, twice a day. However, due to construction work, there might be changes in traffic routing for access to the Terminal.

For this reason, using the parking garages directly at the terminal is recommended. Frankfurt Airport is situated outside the environmental zone, allowing all types of vehicles to stop at the airport. For barrier-free access, disabled parking spaces are available in the underground parking at Terminal 1 (entrance P4, level 2, parking row 225) and Terminal 2 (entrance P8, level U4, parking row U417).


Traveling from Frankfurt city center to the airport by taxi is quite comfortable and fast. Taxis usually take between 20 to 30 minutes to reach the airport from the city center, depending on the traffic conditions. Taxis can be easily found throughout the city and offer the option of advance booking.

Taking a taxi is particularly convenient for passengers carrying large luggage or traveling in groups. The fare varies based on the distance and traffic congestion. Upon arrival at the airport, taxis typically drop passengers off near the terminal entrances, providing additional convenience for check-in processes.


There are several car-sharing options for traveling from Frankfurt Airport to the city center. The deer e-car sharing service provides easy access to and from the airport. At the airport, Terminal 1 has five parking spaces equipped with charging stations at the P2 entrance on the 14th level, parking row 1406. These electric vehicles can be conveniently reserved via an app for the desired duration, and access is managed with a code card stored in each vehicle.

Another option, UFODRIVE, offers 100% electric vehicles, such as TESLA Model 3 and Model Y, at the airport. These vehicles can be booked through the UFODRIVE website or app and accessed using your smartphone. They can be picked up and dropped off 24/7 in the e-car sharing area at Terminal 1 (Entrance P2, level 14, parking row 1406). SHARE NOW (car2go, DriveNow) users can also park car-sharing vehicles from the business area in designated spaces and end the rental period. These car-sharing services provide a flexible and convenient travel option from the airport to the city center.

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Frankfurt Hahn Airport

There are various transportation options from Frankfurt city center to Hahn Airport. Located approximately 126 kilometers away from the city center, Hahn Airport serves as an important transit point in the region. One of the most common methods to cover this distance is by bus services. These buses operate regular routes from the city center to the airport, with travel time varying depending on traffic conditions.

Another option is using a private car or car rental services. This method offers more flexibility and can be suitable for groups or families. Additionally, traveling by taxi is also possible, but it tends to be a more expensive alternative. These diverse options make traveling to Hahn Airport easy and convenient.

Airport Buses

The shuttle bus service offered by Flibco is a practical and economical option for traveling from Frankfurt city center to Hahn Airport. These buses make approximately 20 trips per day from Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof train station to Hahn Airport, providing passengers with a comfortable and cost-effective journey. The travel time may vary depending on traffic, but it typically ranges between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Flibco / Bohr / Ryanair buses are ideal for those traveling from Frankfurt Hahn Airport to Mainz, downtown Frankfurt am Main, and Frankfurt International Airport. This service can be reserved through Flibco with special discounts, and ticket prices can be very affordable, sometimes as low as €5. This shuttle bus offers a budget-friendly and comfortable travel option from Frankfurt city center to Hahn Airport.

Car Rental

Renting a car for transportation from Frankfurt city center to Hahn Airport is a preferred method, especially for individual travelers. Car rental offers passengers the flexibility to travel according to their own schedule. The journey to Hahn Airport by a rented car typically takes about one and a half hours, depending on traffic conditions.

Car rental companies are easily accessible in the city center of Frankfurt and offer a variety of vehicle options. This mode of travel is also suitable for groups or families, providing direct access to the airport. Traveling by a rented car presents a comfortable and practical alternative for reaching the airport.

Private Car

Traveling from Frankfurt city center to Hahn Airport by private car is a comfortable and flexible option. Hahn Airport is located approximately 126 kilometers away from Frankfurt city center, near the Kirchberg (Hunsrück) area. The best route to the airport is via the A61 motorway, then taking the Hunsrück Höhenstraße road.

Upon arrival at Hahn Airport, reserving a parking spot through alternative parking providers like Parkos is an economical choice. These providers are located a short distance from the airport, with some just a few minutes' walk from the terminal. These parking areas are generally more affordable compared to the airport's direct parking facilities, making parking both cost-effective and secure.


Taxi transportation from Frankfurt city center to Hahn Airport is easily accessible from various points in the city. This journey typically takes about one and a half hours, depending on traffic conditions. Taxis offer a direct and fast travel option from the city center to the airport, making them a suitable choice for passengers with time constraints.

Additionally, taxis are available from surrounding cities like Luxembourg and Heidelberg to Hahn Airport. The journey from Luxembourg takes approximately two and a half hours, and from Heidelberg, it's about one hour and forty minutes. These taxi rides provide an effective transportation alternative between major cities in the region and the airport. Taxis offer a comfortable and private solution for these longer distances as well.

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