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Transportation from City Center to Ganja Airport

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Ganja Airport

There are several options for transportation from the city center of Ganja to the airport. One of the most common methods is using a taxi. Taxis can be easily found in the city center and they usually operate on a fixed fare basis. Taxi travel is quick and comfortable, making it an ideal choice for passengers with time constraints.

Alternatively, bus or minibus options are also available from the city center to the airport. These public transportation vehicles offer regular services to the airport at specific times and are an economical choice. Public transport options to reach the airport from the city center are often preferred by locals and tourists seeking budget-friendly travel.


Traveling by bus from the city center of Ganja to the airport is both practical and economical. Buses departing from the city center to the airport operate frequently and offer services at affordable prices. The journey to the airport by bus takes approximately half an hour.

Buses, one of the most popular methods of urban public transportation, regularly run to various parts of the city. Additionally, for those coming from cities like Baku and Goranboy and heading to Ganja International Airport, intercity bus services from these cities can be used. These buses run every half hour or hour, from early morning until the evening.


Direct minibus services from the city center of Ganja to the airport are not available. However, you can take minibuses from various parts of the city to the city center and then transfer to buses heading to the airport.

Minibuses operate frequent services within the city, offering an affordable and widely-used public transportation option. This allows easy access from any part of the city to the city center, where you can find bus connections to the airport.

Car Rental

Renting a car from the city center of Ganja to the airport is an excellent choice for convenience and flexibility. You can easily rent a vehicle from rental offices in the city center or make a reservation online before your journey. This method is ideal, especially in busy traffic or when you need to reach the airport at a specific time.

Car rental is particularly recommended for families or large groups. Renting a car offers more freedom and comfort while traveling. Moreover, rental cars are generally offered at reasonable prices based on the distance traveled, allowing you more control over the costs during your journey.

Private Car

Traveling from the city center of Ganja to the airport in your own vehicle is a comfortable and flexible option. Traveling in your own car allows you to reach the airport at your preferred time and provides the freedom to move independently during your journey.

Ganja Airport has a medium-sized parking area located directly in front of the entrance to the terminal building. This parking space serves both those who wish to drop off or pick up someone at the airport, as well as travelers who choose to leave their car in the parking lot before departure. This provides a convenient parking option for those arriving at the airport in their own vehicles.


Using a taxi to travel from the city center of Ganja to the airport is a convenient option, especially for those seeking fast transportation. Taxis going to the airport can be easily found in the city center, but as an alternative, you can also use tuk-tuk vehicles that offer similar services.

The advantage of using a taxi is the flexibility it offers in terms of choosing your own time and route. It is advisable to discuss and agree on the fare with the taxi driver before starting your journey, to ensure a clear understanding of the costs involved.

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