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Transportation from City Center to Izmir Airport

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Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Reaching Adnan Menderes Airport from İzmir city center is quite straightforward with various transportation options available. Located about 14 kilometers from the city center, one can easily access the airport using the İZBAN train line. However, if you don't have a direct metro connection, you can transfer to İZBAN via the Halkpınar or Hilal stations on the İzmir Metro route.

Alternatively, for your own comfort, you can opt for taxis, rental cars, or special airport transfer services. If you plan to drive yourself, there's parking available at the airport with various pricing options depending on duration and type.

Airport Buses

For those who want to easily and quickly reach Adnan Menderes Airport from Izmir with HAVAŞ, there are many options available. HAVAŞ's route and price information may change over time. Before making travel plans, it is recommended to contact the HAVAŞ Call Center for up-to-date information.

Mavişehir-Karşıyaka-Alsancak-Airport Route:
HAVAŞ provides services from Mavişehir Ege Park through Bostanlı, Karşıyaka, and Alsancak to Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir via Gaziemir. During the journey, the buses pick up passengers from specific points such as Ege Park Mall, Bostanlı Ferry Pier, Karşıyaka Pier, and Alsancak Efes Hotel. For those choosing this route, the travel time is 30 minutes from Alsancak and an average of 70 minutes from Karşıyaka and Mavişehir.

Çeşme-Airport Route:
HAVAŞ buses departing from Çeşme Bus Station make a stop at the Alaçatı Terminal before reaching the airport. The travel time for this route is approximately 90 minutes. The bus only picks up and drops off passengers at the Alaçatı Terminal and Çeşme Bus Station.

Aydın-Airport Route:
For those who want to travel from Aydın to Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir, HAVAŞ departs from Aydın Bus Station, follows the Shell Gas Station and Polat Petrol route, and reaches the airport via the Aydın-Izmir Highway. Buses on this route pick up passengers from places such as the Aydın Dialysis Center and Pehlivanoğlu Mall. The travel time between Aydın and the airport is approximately 90 minutes.

Selçuk-Kuşadası-Airport Route:
For passengers wishing to travel from Kuşadası and Selçuk to the airport, HAVAŞ departs from Kuşadası Bus Station, passes through Selçuk, and follows the Izmir-Aydın Highway to reach the airport. On this route, buses pick up and drop off passengers at Kuşadası Bus Station and the Swan Park next to Selçuk State Hospital. The travel time from Kuşadası to the airport is 90 minutes, and from Selçuk, it's 75 minutes.


Reaching Adnan Menderes Airport from Izmir city center by bus is quite straightforward. The municipality's ESHOT company offers regular bus services between the city and the airport. Among the options are bus number 200 for the Mavişehir-Airport route, bus number 202 for the Cumhuriyet Square-Airport route, and bus number 204 for the Bornova Metro-Airport route.

Bus number 200 operates between midnight and 5 a.m., starting from Mavişehir and passing through Bostanlı, Karşıyaka, Bayraklı, Karabağlar, and Gaziemir before reaching the airport. Bus number 202 starts from Alsancak and goes through Mustafa Kemal Seaside Boulevard, Göztepe, Güzelyalı, and Üçkuyular, then continues to Gaziemir and the airport. Bus number 204 departs from Bornova Metro and follows the route through the main bus station, the Highway, and Gaziemir. To use these bus services, passengers need to have either an İzmirim Card or a 35 Card; there is no option to pay the fare directly to the driver.


Reaching Adnan Menderes Airport from Izmir city center is quite practical using İZBAN, the suburban train line. This rail service runs along a 136 km route from Aliağa to Selçuk.

İZBAN travels through stations including Menemen, Egekent 2, Ulukent, Egekent, Ata Sanayi, Çiğli, Mavişehir, Şemikler, Demirköprü, Nergiz, Karşıyaka, Alaybey, Naldöken, Turan, Bayraklı, Salhane, Halkapınar, Alsancak, Hilal, Kemer, Şirinyer, Koşu, İnkılap, Semt Garajı, Esbaş, Gaziemir, Sarnıç, Adnan Menderes Airport, and Cumaovası. You can board the İZBAN at any of these stations and travel directly to the airport. For your trips, it is required to use the İzmirim Card or the 35 Card; there's no option for cash payments.

Car Rental

For those looking to travel from Izmir city center to Adnan Menderes Airport, renting a car offers a practical alternative. Many companies in the city provide options in this regard. Prominent firms include major companies like Budget, Avis, and Garenta. By renting from their branches within the city, one can easily reach the airport.

At the airport, branches of these companies are available. Thus, upon arriving at the airport, you can directly return the rented car to these branches and proceed with your flight procedures.

Private Car

Traveling from Izmir city center to Adnan Menderes Airport with your own car is both a practical and swift option. Especially when accessing the airport, which is 27 km from Karşıyaka, 85 km from Çeşme, and 84 km from Aliağa, you can save time by using the ring road. By following the Gaziemir - Free Zone intersection, depending on the traffic, you can reach the airport within 15-20 minutes.

Adnan Menderes Airport stands out with its extensive parking facilities. Both the international and domestic terminals have four-story parking lots adjacent to them. While the international terminal parking has a capacity for 2237 vehicles, the domestic terminal parking can accommodate 2523 vehicles. Both parking lots are organized with a color-coded system (yellow, blue, red), making it easier for you to remember where you parked.

In addition to the parking areas, the airport also offers VALET service for extra comfort to the passengers. This service can be obtained from a total of 4 different points, both at the entrance gates of the international and domestic terminals. Moreover, the special CIP Parking, which can hold up to 347 vehicles, serves right south of the domestic terminal exit.


One of the private and comfortable methods to reach Adnan Menderes Airport from Izmir city center is through transfer services. Through the TAV Operating Services' website, you can make a reservation for a private transfer service prior to your flight.

The reservation process is quite simple; by entering your current address into the system, you can list suitable vehicles and choose one as per your preference. These transfer vehicles provide a direct journey between the specified address and the airport, without making any additional stops. Additionally, you can also opt for your hotel's transfer services to facilitate your airport transportation.


For those looking to travel from Izmir to Adnan Menderes Airport by taxi, it provides a quick and comfortable alternative between the city center and other areas. Izmir is quite relaxed when it comes to using taxis; problems like short distance disputes or choosing passengers, which are more common in Istanbul, are rarely encountered here.

Transportation to Adnan Menderes Airport varies depending on different parts of the city. For instance, the distance from Konak and Buca to the airport is approximately 17 km, from Karşıyaka is 28 km, from Bornova is 31 km, and from the Güzelyalı-Göztepe route it is about 20 km. The taxi travel time to the airport from these areas can vary between an average of 30 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic conditions.

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