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About Trabzon

Trabzon is an important city located in the Black Sea Region of Turkey, famous for its historical and natural beauties. Since ancient times, Trabzon has been a significant trade and cultural center, and today, it continues to play a crucial role in tourism, agriculture, and industry. It is a popular destination for visitors who want to explore the serene beauty, lush nature, and rich history of the Black Sea.

The nature of Trabzon is enchanting, with its Black Sea coastline beaches, forests, plateaus, and mountains. The city's significant natural attractions include natural wonders such as Uzungol, Sera Lake, and Hıdırnebi Plateau. These areas are ideal for activities like hiking, camping, picnicking, and photography. Additionally, the beaches and bays surrounding the city offer excellent options for those who want to enjoy the sun and sea.

Trabzon is famous for its historical structures and ruins, which carry the traces of many civilizations throughout history. One of the city's most important historical structures is the Sumela Monastery, a rock-carved building with a history of approximately 1600 years. Also, important structures like Atatürk Mansion, Trabzon Hagia Sophia Museum, and Gülbahar Hatun Mosque, located in the city center, showcase the city's historical and cultural richness.

Trabzon's local cuisine reflects the rich and delicious food culture of the Black Sea Region. Local flavors such as anchovy fry, kuymak, stuffed collard greens, Akcaabat meatballs, and Laz pastry are indispensable tastes of Trabzon's cuisine. Restaurants and cafes in the city offer visitors the opportunity to experience these flavors.

Trabzon is also known for its hospitable people and traditional lifestyle. Festivals and events held in the city provide visitors with the opportunity to enjoy local culture and music. Events such as the Trabzon International Film Festival and Altındere Culture and Art Festival add color to the city's social and cultural life.

Transportation from City Center to Trabzon Airport

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Trabzon Airport

Reaching Trabzon Airport from Trabzon city center is quite easy with various transportation alternatives available. One of the public transportation options is the shared taxis, known as dolmuş, which operate at certain intervals and offer affordable fares to the airport. Dolmuş provides a quick and practical transportation solution, making it ideal for individuals and small groups. Municipal buses also run regular routes to the airport at certain hours from specific stops. Traveling by municipal bus caters to those in need of a planned and routine transportation.

Private transfer services provide personalized and swift transportation from the city center to the airport. By making a reservation, you can arrange for a vehicle to pick you up at the designated time and place. Private transfer services usually offer luxury vehicles and professional drivers, making them a suitable choice for individual or group transportation. HAVAŞ services also provide transportation to the airport from specific stops at certain hours, with their spacious buses being a suitable option for groups.

You can also reach the airport by using your own vehicle or by renting a car from car rental firms located in the city center. Traveling with your own vehicle allows you to plan your transportation entirely according to your own schedule. Additionally, the car rental option allows you to reach the airport at your own pace and follow the route you prefer.

Airport Buses

Transportation to Trabzon Airport from various regions around Trabzon can be easily and comfortably achieved with HAVAŞ buses. HAVAŞ operates along specified routes and stops, allowing passengers to plan their journeys accordingly.

Trabzon City Center - Trabzon Airport Route:

  • Route: Beşirli, Uzunkum, Yavuz Selim Boulevard, Tanjant Erdoğdu Junction, Tanjant Road, Trabzon Airport.
  • Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

Tirebolu - Trabzon Airport Route:

  • Route: Tirebolu, Görele, Çavuşlu, Eynesil, Beşikdüzü, Vakfıkebir, Çarşıbaşı, Akçaabat, Trabzon Airport.
  • Duration: Approximately 2 hours

Hopa - Ardeşen - Rize - Trabzon Airport Route:

  • Route: Hopa, Arhavi, Fındıklı, Ardeşen, Pazar, Çayeli, Rize, Derepazarı, İyidere, Of, Trabzon Airport.
  • Duration: 3.5 hours from Hopa, 2.5 hours from Ardeşen, 1.5 hours from Rize.

These routes and durations may vary depending on traffic conditions and other variables. For more accurate information, you can visit HAVAŞ's official website or contact HAVAŞ customer services.


To reach Trabzon Airport from Trabzon city center by bus, you can use certain bus lines. These bus lines are numbered 121, 122, 125, 139, 426, 476, and 501. The travel time is approximately 10 minutes since the distance between the airport and the city center is short. For detailed information such as departure and arrival stops, routes, and schedule times, you can check the websites of local bus companies or contact their customer services.


Transportation from Trabzon city center to Trabzon Airport can be swiftly and comfortably achieved via minibuses. The Airport-Square minibuses departing from the front of Hamamizade İhsanbey Culture Center provide services at certain intervals. These minibuses pick up and drop off passengers at significant stops along the route, enabling you to easily plan your transportation to the airport.

Additionally, it is possible to reach the airport with minibuses departing from Forum Trabzon Shopping Mall. These minibuses offer a direct route to the airport, leveraging the convenience and accessibility of the shopping mall. The minibuses from Forum Trabzon Shopping Mall operate at specific hours, providing an opportunity for easy transportation to the airport after shopping. Transportation by minibuses stands out as an economical and practical option when traveling from Trabzon city center to the airport.

Car Rental

Renting a car for transportation from Trabzon city center to the airport is an ideal option for those planning to visit the touristic spots in the region. You can visit tourist attractions like the Sumela Monastery, Uzungol, and Atatürk's Mansion by renting a car, and then proceed to Trabzon Airport. You can rent a car from companies like Gezgin 724, Central Rent a Car, or Enterprise Rent A Car via the internet.

Private Car
Reaching Trabzon Airport from the city center with your private vehicle is quite easy and quick. To begin your journey, proceed east on D010/E70 highway, and by following the airport direction signs, you can arrive at Trabzon Airport in about 10 minutes. This route may experience some congestion along with city traffic, so checking the traffic status before hitting the road is a good idea. Trabzon Airport has a parking area with a capacity of 385 vehicles next to the domestic and international terminals. There are also designated parking spots for passengers with limited mobility in the airport's parking lot. For more information about parking fees and durations, you can call Trabzon Airport Parking Phone Number: 0462 328 09 40 or visit the airport's official website. Reaching the airport with your private vehicle adds flexibility to your plans and helps you save some extra time before your flight.

Opting for a private transfer from Trabzon city center to the airport is a highly advantageous choice in terms of comfort and speed. There are numerous transfer companies operating in Trabzon, with a portion of them offering services through online platforms. These companies typically provide passenger transport up to a certain capacity, and some also offer the option of renting a car with a driver.

By availing a private transfer service, you can reach the airport directly without getting stuck in traffic or waiting. The general route for the transfer follows the Tanjant Road from Trabzon city center to Trabzon Airport. This route takes about 10-15 minutes, depending on the city traffic and road conditions.


To reach Trabzon Airport from the city center by taxi, you can find a taxi at specific points such as Varlıbaş AVM, Forum Trabzon, or various hospitals. Taxis generally follow the Tanjant Road route to reach the airport. The travel time may vary depending on the traffic conditions. The taxi option is ideal for those seeking a quick and comfortable transportation method.

Transportation from Trabzon Airport to City Center

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Trabzon Airport

Trabzon Airport holds a significant position in the Black Sea region, being only 5 km away from the city center. Due to its strategic location, passengers can quickly reach not only Trabzon city center but also neighboring cities such as Rize and Giresun.

There are numerous transportation options available from the airport to the city center and its surroundings. HAVAŞ shuttle buses provide direct transportation to various districts in and around Trabzon. Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality operates public buses from the airport exit to the city center. Using the Trabzon Card for city buses is a very economical option. Additionally, shared taxis (dolmuş) frequently pass along the main road and are a convenient alternative for city transportation.

Taxis are readily available right outside the airport exit for those looking for immediate transportation. Moreover, car rental agencies and private transfer services within the airport can easily cater to your travel needs.

Airport Buses

Travelling from Trabzon Airport to the city center using HAVAŞ services is a highly convenient option. Especially for those wanting to go from the airport to the city center and specific districts, these services offer significant ease.

HAVAŞ's Trabzon route starts from the airport and continues through Tanjant Road, Tanjant Erdoğdu Junction, and Yavuz Selim Boulevard, ending in Uzunkum and Beşirli. This service allows you to reach the city center in an average of just 10 minutes from the airport.

Beyond Trabzon, there are HAVAŞ services for Giresun’s Eynesil, Çavuşlu, Görele, and Tirebolu districts. This route starts from the airport and passes through Akçaabat, Çarşıbaşı, Vakfıkebir, and Beşikdüzü to reach Eynesil, Çavuşlu, and Görele, taking approximately 2 hours. The total travel time to the final stop, Tirebolu, is about 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Additionally, for those traveling to Rize and Artvin, HAVAŞ services are available. Starting from Trabzon Airport and passing through Of, İyidere, Derepazarı, Rize, Çayeli, Pazar, Ardeşen, Fındıklı, and Arhavi, this route concludes in Hopa, connecting some of the most vibrant points in the Black Sea region. The travel time to Rize is approximately 1.5 hours, to Ardeşen is 2.5 hours, and to Hopa is about 3.5 hours.

For all this route and timing information, HAVAŞ's official website is the most up-to-date and detailed source of information. You can find out the service hours that align with your flight times on this website.


Reaching the city center from Trabzon Airport is quite straightforward. After a short walk from the airport, you can catch city buses numbered 121, 122, 125, 139, 426, 476, and 501 from the stops near the main exit. These buses will take you to the city center in approximately 10 minutes.

If you plan to stay in Trabzon for a longer period, you can obtain a "Metropol Trabzon Card" to use city public transportation services more economically. For information about the Trabzon Card, bus schedules, and refill stations, you can use the Trabzon Card mobile application. For route and schedule details, you can visit the official website of the Trabzon Municipality.


Transportation from Trabzon Airport to the city center can be conveniently and swiftly managed by minibuses, locally known as dolmuş. Dolmuşes depart right in front of the airport and operate routes up to Trabzon Bus Terminal. The frequency of dolmuş services generally increases during peak hours, offering a pleasant journey towards the city center with these minibuses.

Upon boarding the dolmuş, you can pay the fare in cash to the driver and then commence your journey. Dolmuşes follow the route from Trabzon Airport to Trabzon Bus Terminal, and this path provides easy access to different areas of the city. The journey with a dolmuş takes an average of 15-20 minutes, although this duration may vary depending on traffic congestion.

Car Rental

You can utilize car rental services to reach the city center or nearby touristic areas from Trabzon Airport. In the airport, various firms such as Gezgin 724, Central Rent a Car, and Garenta offer services with a wide range of vehicles. Thus, upon landing at the airport, if you have made your reservation beforehand, you can pick up your car and start exploring the natural and historical beauties of Trabzon.

If you prefer to get car rental services outside of Trabzon Airport, you can find many car rental firms in and around the city center. Firms like Sixt, VIP Karadeniz Oto Kiralama, or Ceyhun Rent a Car operate at a short distance from the airport and, if you provide your flight details during reservation, you can pick up your car at the airport. After getting in touch with these firms and making your reservation, you can comfortably explore the unique beauties of Trabzon in your rental car.

One of the biggest advantages of renting a car is the easy and comfortable access it provides to popular tourist spots in the region. Places like the Sumela Monastery, Uzungol, and Ayder Plateau are among the most popular tourist destinations in and around Trabzon. With your rented car, you can easily reach these areas and explore the unique natural beauties and hospitable culture of Trabzon and the Black Sea region.


Utilizing a private transfer service from Trabzon Airport to the city center can offer a quick and comfortable journey experience. This service is especially ideal for those traveling in groups or with a lot of luggage, providing an easy and convenient way to move around the city.

With a reservation made in advance, a dedicated driver will meet you upon arrival and take you directly to your desired destination. In Trabzon, there are numerous companies offering this private transfer service. Some of the notable ones are Akra Tur, Transfer 61, Nas Oto, Sümela Tur, Kavi Tur, Ritur, Organica Tur, 61 Park Hotel, Şimşek Turizm, and Zenofon Tur. You can easily make a reservation with any of these firms in advance, ensuring a more comfortable journey during your stay in Trabzon.


Trabzon Airport offers taxis as a practical option for those looking to travel to the city center and various central locations. Taxis, which operate 24/7 at the airport terminals, meet the needs of passengers for comfortable and fast transportation.

Taking a taxi in Trabzon is a quick and comfortable alternative, especially for short distances within the city. Destinations such as Pelitli, Konaklar, and the Police Academy are reasonably priced by taxi. Similarly, transportation to Karadeniz Teknik University offers an economical option. However, taxi fares to more distant tourist regions, especially Sümela Monastery and Uzungöl, will be higher.

Although there's a certain standard for taxi fares, the cost may vary depending on the distance of your trip and the current traffic conditions. Particularly for long-distance trips to tourist areas, it's essential to agree on a price with the taxi driver in advance.

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