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Aland Islands is an archipelago located in the Baltic Sea. Most of the islands are located to the west of Finland and are Swedish-speaking areas. Travelers who wish to visit the islands should first consider Schengen visa regulations or check if they are eligible for visa-free entry.

The capital and largest city of Aland Islands is Mariehamn. The city is famous for its historical sites, museums, parks, and beautiful beaches that attract tourists. Aland Maritime Museum and Mariehamn Cultural House are also among the frequently visited places by tourists.

Among the natural beauties of the Aland Islands are Kastelholm Castle and Jan Karlsgården Open-Air Museum. These places are perfect choices for tourists who want to explore the historical texture, natural life, and culture of Aland Islands.

The islands are also a popular destination for hiking, cycling, and fishing. Many of the islands are full of beautiful natural parks, forests, and beaches. Especially the hiking trails near Bomarsund Castle and Kastelholm Castle are among the frequently visited places by tourists.

Aland Islands are also popular for water sports such as fishing and sailing. There are many different water sports activities offered by companies on the islands. Moreover, there are many different beaches along the coastline and the water temperature is quite enjoyable in the summer months.

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