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Western Sahara is a partially recognized and divided territory located in North Africa, which is currently controlled by the Kingdom of Morocco.

In Western Sahara, political and human rights issues take precedence over historical and touristic sites. The territory has been subject to land disputes between Morocco and Algeria since Spain withdrew in 1975, and the region is still not recognized by the international community.

Touristic sites in the area are limited. Laâyoune, located on the Moroccan side, is the largest city in the region and one of the few tourist destinations. Visitors can see sites such as the El Ma El Ainin Beach, the White Tower, and the Sahrawi Museum. However, Western Sahara does not have a tourist infrastructure, and visitors must plan ahead to arrange accommodations, meals, and other necessities.

Western Sahara is known for its limited tourist sites, political disputes, and human rights violations. Since the region is not recognized by the international community and there are travel risks, it is recommended that travelers research the situation carefully and plan accordingly before traveling to Western Sahara.

In conclusion, Western Sahara is not a popular tourist destination. The region is known for political disputes and human rights issues. Those planning to travel to Western Sahara should carefully research the situation and take precautions to ensure their safety.

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