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Transportation from City Center to Ankara Airport

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Esenboga International Airport

Reaching Esenboğa Airport from the center of Ankara can be accomplished through a variety of options. You can reach the airport by using a taxi, a private vehicle, or public transportation. You can conveniently and economically reach your destination using shuttle buses provided by companies such as Belko Air or Havaş. These services usually schedule their hours according to flight times, providing regular trips from various points in the city to the airport. In addition, you can reach the airport by taxi or private vehicle, but these options can vary depending on the traffic situation.

Airport Buses

Havaş, one of the leading shuttle bus service providers in Turkey, offers a convenient and reliable transportation option for passengers travelling from Ankara city centre to Esenboğa Airport. These shuttle buses follow a route that starts from Aşti (Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal), passing through Private Boulevard, Pursaklar, Ring Road, Batıkent Junction, 75th Year Hippodrome, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard, Şaşmaz Junction, Şaşmaz Boulevard, Sakıp Sabancı Boulevard, and finally reaching Esenboğa Airport.

The shuttles begin their services as early as 02:15 in the morning, ensuring that passengers can reach the airport at any hour of the day, with the last bus departing at 23:45. In addition to providing an efficient route to the airport, Havaş also picks up passengers at specific stops along the way, such as the Eryaman High-Speed Train Station on İstasyon Avenue and Pursaklar. Passengers wishing to use the service from intermediate stops must make a telephone reservation one hour before departure from the Aşti Bus Terminal.


Belko Air shuttle buses offer a quick and comfortable transportation from the city center of Ankara to Esenboga Airport. This service operates on three separate routes that encompass significant points in the city center. For transportation to the airport from the city center, buses depart from Aşti Bus Terminal, Kizilay, and Batikent areas.

Belko Air buses operate from 05:00 in the morning to 00:00 at night, departing every half hour, transporting passengers to both Domestic and International terminals during this time frame. The 442-A route, which goes to the airport from the city center via the Aşti Bus Terminal, picks up passengers from the city center and makes a series of stops on the way to the airport. Similarly, the 442-K route makes specific stops as it goes to the airport via Kizilay. Finally, the 442-B route reaches the airport via Batikent.

For the current departure times and stop information of Belko Air shuttle buses, you can visit the official website of Belko Air or call the call center at 444 9 312. Traveling with Belko Air is a practical and economical way to get from the city center to Esenboga Airport.


Unfortunately, there isn't a direct metro line to Esenboğa Airport in Ankara. However, this doesn't make reaching the airport a difficult task. Ankara's extensive and efficient metro system offers a fast and comfortable travel option up to the AŞTİ Bus Terminal. From there, you can easily reach the airport by using the Belko Air's 442 bus line. This bus line regularly operates from the city center to the airport, offering a reliable transportation option to both locals and visitors.

Car Rental

Renting a car to travel from the city center of Ankara to Esenboğa Airport is a great way to have both freedom and control over your time. There are many rental car companies in the city center and these companies offer a wide range of vehicles. Reserving your vehicles in advance typically provides better prices and a wider selection.

Traveling from Ankara city center to Esenboğa Airport takes about 30-50 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. The usual route to reach the airport is via the O-20/O-4 route, through Konya Road/D750 and Eskişehir Road/D200. This route is typically the fastest and most direct, but it can vary depending on the traffic situation.

As Ankara is a large city, the traffic can be heavy, so take extra time into account when planning your trip. If you have arranged to drop off your vehicle at the airport, inform your rental company in advance to learn about the location and operating hours of the vehicle return points.

Private Car

If you're planning to drive your own vehicle to Esenboğa Airport, various parking options are available. Inside the airport, there are open and multi-storey car parks operating 24 hours, and valet service is also provided. In addition, there are private car parks located around the airport that are protected with 24/7 security camera systems. These include services such as Park Via, Park Stop Car Park, Park And Fly Car Park, and Ottopark. These car parks are located close to the airport and some offer free or paid airport transfer services. Therefore, there are options to suit your travel plans and parking needs.


Utilizing a transfer service from the center of Ankara to Esenboğa Airport offers a comfortable and stress-free journey. This service, provided by various companies, is ideal especially for large groups, families, or those carrying heavy luggage.

To reach the airport using transfer services generally requires a prior reservation. For this, you can visit the websites of various transfer service providers and compare their services. Prices can vary depending on the type of transfer and the size of the vehicle.


Esenboğa Airport is located approximately 28 km away from the center of Ankara. This means that the duration of a taxi ride generally varies between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the traffic. However, this time can extend during rush hours. Therefore, if you plan to take a taxi during commuting hours, it is recommended that you allocate extra time considering this situation.

Additionally, the cost of reaching Esenboğa Airport by taxi can be quite high because the airport is located quite far from the city center. Therefore, it is important to consider this when planning your budget.

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