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Transportation from City Center to Denizli Airport

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Cardak Airport

From the city center of Denizli, as well as its surrounding districts, especially the tourist region of Pamukkale, reaching Çardak Airport is quite convenient. To travel to the airport, which is 63 km away, you can use the municipal buses operated by the Denizli Municipality or the passenger services provided by Baytur Taşımacılık.

Additionally, for those especially from tourist areas like Pamukkale who are in search of a more private and swift mode of transportation, there are taxis, car rentals, and transfer services available. This ensures that one can experience a comfortable journey to the airport from both within the city and its neighboring districts.

Airport Buses

For those looking to travel from Denizli city center to Çardak Airport, the passenger services offered by Baytur Transportation provide a convenient option. These services pick up passengers from various stops ranging from Çardak to Karşıyaka and transport them directly to the airport. Furthermore, it is also possible to reach the airport directly from tourist areas like Pamukkale and Karahayıt.

To ensure a smooth journey, you can obtain information about the departure times, stops, and other details by calling the Denizli Çardak Airport Baytur contact numbers: 444 28 07 or 0541 728 35 82.


For those looking to reach Çardak Airport from Denizli city center, municipal buses are a convenient option. Before starting your journey, it's essential to obtain a DenizliKart, as this card is required to use the city bus stops. Once you have this card, you can head to one of the central bus stops and embark on a 45-50 minute bus ride to the airport.

Car Rental

Denizli, with its vast geographical expanse and numerous tourist attractions, makes renting a car a particularly practical option for travelers. Starting from the city center or directly from the airport, you can reach Denizli Çardak Airport in approximately 45-50 minutes. For a swift journey, it's recommended to take the D320 route. Additionally, having a rental car ensures that you can comfortably explore iconic destinations like Karahayıt and Pamukkale at your own pace. Some reliable car rental agencies in Denizli include Avis, Budget, Sixt, Varlık Turizm, and Baytur Rent A Car.

Private Car

For those traveling from Denizli city center to Çardak Airport by private car, the airport offers extensive parking facilities. This parking lot, located opposite the domestic and international terminals, has a total capacity of 436 vehicles. Special parking spaces have also been considered in the airport parking lot for passengers with limited mobility. After using the parking, payments can be made at the airport parking toll booths.


For those looking to secure transportation from Denizli city center to Çardak Airport, a multitude of professional transfer companies are at your service. Among these firms, Bay-Tur Taşımacılık, Avail Turizm, and Pamtur stand out as well-known and preferred choices, while Denizli Vip Transfer, Bilge Rent A Car, and Luxury Car Rental are also noteworthy for their quality services.

The transfer services provided by these companies are ideal for ensuring a comfortable and seamless journey. Particularly for those navigating the rush before and after flights, these services not only save time but also offer a luxurious travel experience. Depending on your needs, you can easily choose a company and plan your airport transfer.


If you're planning to travel from Denizli city center to Çardak Airport, you can opt for taxis to ensure a quick and reliable journey. You can easily find taxi stands in many central locations of the city or call a taxi to your desired location. On average, it takes about an hour to reach the airport from the city center by taxi. Regardless of your flight time, always remember that you can reliably find a taxi service available.


For those wishing to travel from Denizli city center to Çardak Airport, the "Havaulaşım" service offered by Denizli Metropolitan Municipality is a preferred option. This service starts from Çınar, makes a stop at Denizli Bus Terminal, and then continues to Denizli Airport. Havaulaşım provides passengers with two distinct transportation modes: Standard and Comfort Service.

The Standard service travels from Çınar to the airport following a specific route and can be chosen for a more affordable price. This route involves stops only at Çınar and the Bus Terminal for passenger pick-up and drop-off.

On the other hand, the Comfort Service offers a more personalized service by picking you up from specified locations and taking you either to the airport or the city center. This service provides a more comfortable travel experience compared to the Standard service, but it's a bit pricier. The estimated travel time between Denizli city center and the airport is approximately 50 minutes. Payments can be made on the service in cash or via a card payment machine.

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