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In 2011, Bavul.com entered the digital travel market in Turkey, starting its operations as Turkcell's personal travel assistant. In a short time, the platform, which attracted a large user base, offered a wide range of services to travel enthusiasts, including hotel reservations, flight ticket purchases, and holiday packages.

Bavul.com's successful trajectory caught the attention of international markets. By the end of 2014, Paravion, Romania's largest online travel agency, closely monitored this success and subsequently acquired Bavul.com, thereby entering the Turkish market. Following the acquisition, Bavul.com began its operations under the umbrella of Paravion. With its 300,000 users, it became of significant strategic importance to the Romanian company. Especially considering a substantial portion of Paravion's total turnover was obtained from Turkey via Bavul.com, it was evident how apt the acquisition decision was.

However, like all success stories filled with challenges, Bavul.com faced tough times too. Political issues in Turkey, security concerns, and the depreciation of the Turkish Lira among other macroeconomic factors negatively impacted the company's operational performance. These challenges led Bavul.com to incur an operational loss of several million euros in recent periods.

As of 2017, Bavul.com decided to cease its operations, having made significant contributions to the digital travel sector in Turkey. Even though its presence in the industry was brief, it highlighted the critical importance of digital transformation and innovation in the travel arena. The innovative impact created by Bavul.com will be referred to for many years in terms of travel technology and user experience.

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