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Bulucak Flights


Bulucak.com is a next-generation travel agency and information service located in Turkey. Founded in 2007, Bulucak.com has advanced the process of comparing airline ticket prices by offering users an easy and fast way to purchase tickets.


Flight Tickets

Bulucak.com instantly fetches available flights and flight prices based on the user's chosen date range and destination. Initially focusing on the domestic market in Turkey, the platform allows users to directly purchase tickets from some airlines, while for low-cost carriers, it requires redirection to the company's own website.

Easy Use

The interface design of Bulucak.com is created with Flash technology. This facilitates all operations within the site, from selecting search criteria to filtering results, through this structure. Additionally, the instantaneous nature of the search results is part of Bulucak.com's accuracy guarantee.

Key Features

  • Inclusive Pricing: The site displays prices inclusive of taxes, providing transparent pricing for users.
  • Filtering Options: Filtering search results helps users quickly find flights that suit their needs.
  • Round-Trip Options: If you wish to purchase a round-trip ticket, you must first select the outbound flight and then the return flight.

Additional Services

The infrastructure of Bulucak.com also offers additional services to travel agencies, airlines, travel portals, and hotels. This allows for a revenue model that includes these types of additional services along with space for sponsored ads.


Bulucak.com emerges as a simple and user-friendly platform that fills a gap in Turkey's online travel market. Especially useful for domestic travel, this service attracts attention with its real-time price information and ease of use. With the expectation that the quality of service will increase as competition in the industry grows, Bulucak.com is believed to be an attractive alternative for both internet users and investors.

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