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Izmir, located on the western coast of Turkey, is known for its historical and cultural riches. Izmir Airlines, carrying the name of this city, was a regional airline based in Izmir. It operated flights to various cities in Europe and Turkey, emerging as one of the significant players in the region's air transport. The main hub for Izmir Airlines was Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir.

Established in April 2005, IZair shortly started domestic flights in collaboration with Pegasus Airlines in June 2006. Its initial fleet consisted of three Airbus A319s. A year after its inception, in 2007, ESAS Holding acquired 20% of the company's shares, leading to a management change. ESAS Holding is also the owner of Pegasus Airlines. IZair's journey concluded when it merged with Pegasus Air Transport Inc. in December 2018.

The airline's logo reflected the unique natural beauty and culture of Izmir. It was designed with the bright blue sky of Izmir's summer days and its vibrant orange sun. These two colors harmoniously came together in the unique design on the tail of the airline's aircraft. The olive trees of the Aegean and the deep blue of the sea also found their place in the logo. Those familiar with Izmir, or those who have visited this beautiful city, could liken the design on the tail of the aircraft to the famous cobblestones of Izmir's seafront.

Until it ceased operations in 2018, IZair flew to many destinations both inside and outside Turkey. In Europe, it had a wide range of flights, from Austria to Greece and from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom. Within Turkey, it provided regular flights to many major cities, from Istanbul to Van.

One of IZair's notable achievements was securing the 8th place in the 2009 Special Tour Competition with 125 points, earning a direct participation right for the 2010 special tour competition.

In conclusion, IZair was one of the significant players in the Aegean region's and Turkey's air transport industry. It served many passengers with both domestic and international destinations. However, in 2018, it ceased operations and merged with Pegasus Air Transport Inc. This merger marked the end of IZair's journey, but the legacy it left behind will not be forgotten.

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