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Transportation from City Center to Van Airport

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Ferit Melen Airport

Reaching Van Ferit Melen Airport is quick and economical thanks to minibuses and shared taxis (dolmuş) departing from the city center. Especially the "İskele" minibuses are one of the preferred vehicles for transportation to the airport. Besides minibuses, you can also reach the airport using the bus services provided by Van Metropolitan Municipality. The duration of the journey may vary depending on traffic congestion.

Taxi or private transfer services also provide a comfortable and quick transportation to the airport. Taxis offer direct transportation, ensuring you reach the airport on time. If you prefer a more comfortable and personalized transportation, you can consider private transfer services. With these services, a vehicle will wait for you at the specified time and place, and take you to the airport safely.


Reaching Van Ferit Melen Airport by bus from the city center is a fairly easy and economical option. The bus services organized by Van Municipality facilitate transportation from the city center to the airport. For this, you can opt for the bus number 351 operated by Van Municipality.

This bus departs from the city center at specified hours and follows a designated route: Zaferler Elementary School, Culture Palace, Ezberciler Business Center, Maraş Street, Old Security Intersection, İpekyolu Street, Çatak Stop, DSI 17th Regional Directorate, and finally Ferit Melen Airport. Along the route, the bus makes stops at the mentioned stations to pick up passengers. This way, transportation from the city center to the airport becomes quite easy and predictable.


Accessing Van Ferit Melen Airport by minibus provides a quick and economical alternative. It is possible to reach a point near the airport with minibuses departing from the city center. Minibuses operate at specific times and travel through main roads and central points, allowing passengers to alight near the airport. In minibus transportation, the arrival time may vary depending on the traffic intensity and the departure time of the minibus.

Car Rental

Renting a car is a sensible option to explore the unique beauties of Van city and its surroundings. Thanks to several car rental companies operating in the city, you can easily rent a vehicle of your choice and embark on a journey to discover the historical and natural wonders of Van. After renting a car, you can visit significant tourist spots in the region such as Lake Van, Akdamar Island, and Akdamar Church, and then plan your return journey to Ferit Melen Airport.

Recommended car rental companies in the city include Central Rent A Car, Budget Rent A Car, Avis Rent A Car, Europcar, and Akdamar Tourism. With their extensive vehicle options and reasonable prices, you can find a vehicle that suits your needs and comfortably explore the surroundings of Van. On the return, you can reach the airport to return your rental car and continue with your journey.

Private Car

Reaching Van Ferit Melen Airport by private vehicle offers a comfortable journey option from the city center to the airport. You can easily get to the airport from the city center by following the Avarek Road and İpek Yolu Cd./D300 towards the airport. By following the airport signs along the route, you can find the correct way, and thus, you can arrive at the airport quickly and safely.

Once you arrive at the airport, there is a parking area close to the domestic flights terminal. This parking area is suitable for both short-term and long-term parking needs. Thanks to the special parking spaces allocated for passengers with mobility restrictions, convenient parking facilities are provided for everyone.


Accessing Ferit Melen Airport via private transfer is a personalized and comfortable option. Private transfer services are an ideal solution for those who want to get to the airport from the city center or other areas of Van. A private transfer picks you up from the specified location and time and drops you off at the airport, ensuring you reach the airport in time for your flight without any hassles.

In the city of Van, firms like Alan Transfer, Number Van Tourism, and ZeasTravel offer private transfer services. These companies provide a service that picks you up from your specified address and drops you off at Ferit Melen Airport, making it easy for you to catch your flight. Especially for groups or families, a private transfer service can be a more comfortable and practical option compared to using public transportation or taxis.


Reaching Van Ferit Melen Airport by taxi is a quick and practical option. You can easily get to the airport by hailing a taxi from the city center or other areas of Van. Taxis generally move swiftly on the routes during less busy hours, thus completing your journey in a short period. The taxi routes often traverse Van's main roads and avenues, minimizing your access time to the airport and facilitating your arrival. The taxi option is especially ideal for travelers with limited time or those who wish to get to the airport promptly.


Reaching Van Ferit Melen Airport from Patnos and Erciş is quite practical. Especially with the private services offered by companies like Pinaşya Turizm and Naim Turizm, you can easily and swiftly travel to the airport from these regions. The journey from Erciş to Van Ferit Melen Airport takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes, while it takes about 2 hours to travel from Patnos to the airport. Private services are generally scheduled according to the landing times of domestic flights, ensuring passengers arrive in time for their flights.

To obtain information about the service schedules and stops, you can call the provided phone numbers. For Naim Turizm (Erciş), you can dial 0432 351 09 74 or 0535 612 70 09, and for Pinaşya Turizm (Patnos), you can call 0472 616 63 63 or 0472 616 27 41. These services pick up passengers at designated times and transport them to the airport following specified routes. Upon arrival at the airport, you can disembark at the exit of the arrival hall of the terminal, proceed with your check-in procedures, and wait for your flight.

Transportation from Izmir Airport to City Center

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Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport

Reaching the city center from Adnan Menderes Airport in Izmir is quite convenient. Izmir, a city rich in history and culture, offers swift transportation options to its visitors.

From the airport, you can access many parts of the city via the İZBAN train. Alternatively, HAVAŞ and ESHOT buses are also available for service.

If you're short on time, taxis are readily accessible upon exiting the airport.

Moreover, if you plan your arrival in advance, private transfer services can greet you at the airport, ensuring a comfortable journey to the city center.

Airport Buses

Traveling from Adnan Menderes Airport to the city center using HAVAŞ services is both practical and comfortable. These services operate regularly throughout the day, offering transportation from the airport to many parts of Izmir, both within the city and its outskirts. Especially with services running from the early hours of the morning to late at night, HAVAŞ provides access to various destinations in and around Izmir.

Within Izmir, when traveling from the airport to Mavişehir, HAVAŞ buses follow a route that includes Adnan Menderes Airport, Gaziemir, Karabağlar, Yeşildere, Kahramanlar, Basmahane, Çankaya, Efes Hotel, Altınyol, Bayraklı overpass, Karşıyaka, Bostanlı, and Mavişehir. It is an ideal choice for those aiming to reach locations like Gaziemir Tansaş, Karabağlar Orcaner, and Alsancak Efes Hotel.

HAVAŞ services are also highly convenient for intercity destinations. It's possible to reach locations such as Aydın, Kuşadası, Söke, and Manisa from Adnan Menderes Airport via HAVAŞ. Particularly during the summer months, from March to October, the HAVAŞ route to Çeşme becomes active, facilitating transportation to and from Çeşme.

Lastly, to learn about the departure times and detailed information of HAVAŞ buses, one can visit the official HAVAŞ website, ensuring a well-planned journey.


At Adnan Menderes Airport, passengers can find three main ESHOT bus lines that operate around the clock. These buses are numbered 200, 202, and 204 respectively, connecting the airport to Mavişehir Transfer, Cumhuriyet Square, and Bornova Metro. If you're planning to use these buses from the airport, remember that there is a different fare system than the regular city transport.

You can use the İzmirim Card on ESHOT buses. To make the most of your journey, we recommend obtaining an İzmirim Card. With this card, not only can you pay for the bus, but also for other public transportation in the city.

The duration of the journey may vary, but typically traveling by bus from the airport to the city center takes about 60 minutes. While buses offer extensive coverage, keep in mind that they operate only on specific routes. Therefore, plan your journey accordingly.


The most efficient and practical way to travel from Adnan Menderes Airport to the city center is by using the İZBAN train. The train station is a short walking distance from the terminal. At the station, you can find a kiosk where you can purchase a "Kent Kart" to pay for your fare to the city center.

The train journey from İzmir Airport to the city center takes approximately 30 minutes. İZBAN trains operate in both directions roughly every 10 minutes. If you plan to frequently use public transportation in the city, you might consider buying the "İzmirim Card," which offers more comprehensive transportation options.

To learn the schedule of the İZBAN trains running between the airport and the city center, you can visit the official İZBAN website or its mobile application.

Car Rental

Especially for those planning to spend a few days in Izmir or intending to visit its surrounding towns and districts, renting a car provides significant convenience. Traffic in Izmir is generally smooth outside of rush hours, making your driving experience enjoyable. With the option to reserve online in advance, you can easily pick up your car from Adnan Menderes Airport and return it with ease when you depart.

At Adnan Menderes Airport, both in domestic and international terminals, there are numerous car rental companies allowing you to explore the city at your own pace. Renowned firms such as Budget, Central, and Europcar, as well as others like Erboy and Payless in the international terminal, offer their services.

Typically, for car rentals, there are certain requirements such as being over the age of 25 and possessing a driving license for at least four years. For those who meet these criteria, exploring Izmir and its surroundings by car offers a unique experience.


If you're planning a comfortable journey from Adnan Menderes Airport to the city center, transfer services offer an ideal solution. By making a reservation on the TAV Operation Services website before your flight, you'll have the luxury of a vehicle waiting for you as soon as you land.

The airport provides individual, group, VIP, and shared shuttle transfer services. These services offer transportation to various popular locations such as Izmir city center, Karşıyaka, Çeşme, Kuşadası, and Alaçatı. Notably, companies like Izmir Çeşme Transfer & Shuttle, Westline, and Progo Travel stand out for their safe and comfortable transfer services.


Taking a taxi from Adnan Menderes Airport to the city center can be a comfortable and efficient option for travelers. After a long journey, many prefer the convenience and directness of a taxi. If you feel tired or if you have heavy luggage, hopping into a taxi right outside the airport can be an appealing choice.

The taxi system in Izmir operates with a starting fee, with an added cost per kilometer, regardless of day or night. This consistent pricing system often provides confidence for passengers. After an approximate 60-minute ride, you can find yourself in the heart of the city, near the Gazi Boulevard.

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